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  • Thomas as Gumball
  • Percy as Darwin
  • Lady as Anais
  • Mavis as Nicole (Gumball's Mom)
  • Henry as Richard (Darwin's Dad)
  • James as Banana Joe
  • Bertie as Bobert
  • Cranky as Lawrence
  • Dennis as Principal Brown
  • Terence as Clayton
  • Oliver as Alan (There both western & there both voiced by Rupert Degas)
  • Gordon as Mr. Gaylord Robinson
  • Daisy as Mrs. Margaret Robinson
  • Rocky as Rocky (Rocky & Rocky both share the same name)
  • Edward as Mr. Small
  • Duncan as Ocho
  • Diesel as The Robber
  • Stanley as Tobias
  • Molly as Molly (Molly & Molly both share the same name)
  • Emily as Penny
  • Madge as Carmen
  • Diesel 10 as Tina
  • Hector as Hector
  • Isobella as Masami
  • Caroline as Carrie
  • Elizabeth as Ms. Simian
  • Bill & Ben as The Eggtwins

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