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Some parodies can be list like Thomas as Thomas O'Malley, Emily as Duchess, Rosie as Marie, Percy as Berlioz and Stepney as Toulouse.

  • Thomas O'Malley - Thomas/James/Henry/Edward/Gordon/Percy/Duck/Oliver/BoCo/Salty
  • Duchess - Emily/Rosie/Daisy/Molly/Mavis/Lady/Belle/Madge/Flora/Isobella/Old Slow Coach/Caroline/Olivia/Annie/Clarabel/Duchess Of Hamilton/Pip/Emma/Victoria/Helena/Bluebell/Henrietta/Agnes/Ruth/Lucy/Jemima/Beatrice/Ada/Jane/Mabel/Duchess Lisa/Gertrude/Millicent/Cora/Isabel/Catherine/Alice/Mirabel/Primrose/Elsie/Dulcie
  • Marie - Rosie/Emily/Mavis/Daisy/Lady/Molly/Madge/Isobella/
  • Berlioz - Percy/Thomas/James/Henry/Gordon/Edward/Oliver
  • Toulouse - Stepney/Thomas/Percy/Henry/Gordon/Oliver/Edward/Duck/James/Donald/Douglas
  • Edgar - Spencer/Diesel/Diesel 10/D261/Bulgy/George/Derek/Bulstrode/
  • Scat Cat-Gordon/Henry/Bill/Ben/
  • Roquefort-Skarloey/Peter Sam/Edward/Percy/Duck/Billy
  • Napoleon-Donald/Douglas/James
  • Lafayette-Douglas/Donald/Percy

Thomas is Toulouse Percy is Berlioz Toby is Marie Henry is Thomas,O Mally Molly is Duchess Spencer is Edgar Terence is The Milk Men Oliver is Roqfurt

Version 1

  • Thomas as Toulouse
  • Percy as Berlioz
  • Toby as Marie
  • Henry as Thomas,O Mally
  • Molly as Duchess
  • Spencer as Edgar
  • Oliver as Roqfurt
  • Emily as Madame
  • Rusty as George Hautecourt
  • James as Scat Cat
  • Annie & Clairebell as Abigal and Amelia
  • Duncan as Nepoliot
  • Sir Handel as Lawtheyet
  • Mavis as Frou-Frou
  • Terence as The Milk Men

Version 2

  • Skarloey as Toulouse
  • Rusty as Berlioz
  • Mavis as Marie
  • Daisy as Duchess
  • Sir Handel as Thomas,O Mally
  • Byron as The Milk Men
  • Diesel as Edgar

Version 3

  • Oliver as Toulouse
  • Toad as Berlioz
  • Rosie as Marie
  • Mavis as Duchess
  • Diesel as Edgar
  • Boco as Thomas,O Mally

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