Thomas/The Brave Little Toaster are parodies with The Brave Little Toaster sound and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips.


Version 1 (made by LameThomasStuff2006)

  • Thomas as Toaster
  • Gordon as Kirby
  • Percy as Blankey
  • James as Lampy
  • Toby as Radio
  • Skarloey as Baby Robbie
  • Fergus as Ratso
  • Edward as Rob
  • Emily as Chris
  • Diesel as The Evil Clown
  • George as Elmo St. Peters
  • Diesel 10 as Supreme Commander
  • Peter Sam as Hearing Aid
  • Sir Handel as Calculator
  • Terence as Micorwave
  • Madge as Fauct
  • Charlie as Squirt
  • Rosie as Tinselina
  • Hector as Viking 1
  • Bill, Ben, Donald, Douglas, Boco, Duck, D261 as The Miliatry Toasters
  • Spencer as Mack
  • Duncan as Jim Bob
  • Mavis as Masie
  • Rhenaes as Alberto
  • Rusty as Murgritriod
  • Duke as Sebastain
  • Whiff as Charlie
  • Henry as Wiittgenstein
  • Derek as Computer
  • Caroline as Mouse
  • Dennis, Flora, Bash, Dash, Murdoch, Fearless Freddie, Old Slow Coach, Neville, Molly and Hiro as Cars

Version 2 (made by UbiSoftFan94)

  • Thomas as Toaster (Both the main stars)
  • James as Kirby (Both vain)
  • Percy as Blankey (Thomas and Percy are good friends, just like Toaster and Blankey are)
  • Skarloey as Lampy
  • Oliver as Radio (Both western)
  • Rheneas as Rob (Both have the same letter 'R')
  • Emily as Chris (Both the main females)
  • Toad as Baby Robbie
  • Edward as Mack (Both wise and kind)
  • Toby as Ratso
  • Diesel as Supreme Commander (Both the main villains)
  • Boco as Hearing Aid
  • Molly as Tinselina
  • Casey Jr. as Black & White TV
  • Toots as Ratso
  • Montana as Elmo
  • Tootle as Elmo's Dog
  • Mario (from Mario) as Calculator
  • Tillie as Computer Lab
  • Georgia as Computer
  • Tracy as Plugsy
  • The TUGS and Theodore Tugboat Characters as Cars
  • Duck as Mickey Mouse (cameo)
  • and more

Version 3 (made by JosephCL93)

  • Henry as Toaster
  • Gordon as Kirby
  • Thomas as Blankey
  • Percy as Lampy
  • James as Radio
  • Edward as Rob
  • Emily as Chris
  • Skarloey as Baby Robbie
  • Spencer as Mack
  • Duck as Ratso
  • Diesel as Supreme Commander
  • Toby as Hearing Aid
  • Mavis as Tinselina

Version 4 (made by Malechi Perez, MagicTales1998Fan and FlyingDuckManGenesis)

  • Thomas as Toaster
  • Gordon as Kirby
  • Percy as Blankey
  • Arthur as Lampy
  • Jack as Radio
  • James as Rob
  • Mavis as Chris
  • Lady as Baby Robbie
  • George as Mack
  • Sir Handel as Ratso
  • Diesel as Supreme Commander
  • Derek as Hearing Aid
  • Molly as Tinselina

Version 5 (made by EliJBrown)

  • Thomas as Toaster
  • Gordon as Kirby
  • Stepney as Radio
  • Lady as Blanky
  • Percy as Lampy
  • Cranky as Air Conditioner
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Rob
  • Lady Hatt as Chris
  • Stephen Hatt as Young Rob
  • Diesel 10 as Elmo
  • Diesel as Evil Clown
  • Dennis as Giant Magnet
  • Edward as Ratso
  • Jack as Hearing Aid
  • Glenn (made up Thomas characters) as Plugsy
  • D261 as Mack
  • Spencer as Freezer
  • Oliver as Robbie
  • Donald/Douglas as Jim Bob
  • Bill and Ben as Forest Creatures
  • TUGS characters as Cars
  • Scrapped Trucks as Scrapped Appliances
  • Trucks as Elmo's Appliances
  • Mickey (made up Thomas characters) as Cutting-Edge Computer
  • Derek as TV
  • Other Engines as Other Appliances

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