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  • Thomas as Toaster
  • Skarloey as Baby Robbie
  • Sir Handel as Baby Conductor
  • Peter Sam as Baby Pizza
  • Duke as Baby Birthday
  • Diesel as the Evil Clown*
  • Henry as Maize*
  • Harold as Sniffer the Snake
  • Oliver as Ratso
  • Gordon as Kirby
  • Percy as Blanky
  • James as Lampy
  • Edward as Radio*
  • Arthur as Rob
  • Molly as Chris
  • Emily as Angel
  • Diesel 10 as Freezer
  • Annie, Clarabel, Henrietta and Old Slow Coach as the Balloons
  • Mighty Mac as Baby Rockstars
  • Rusty as Baby Hotdog
  • Duncan as Baby Chef
  • Fearless Freddie as Baby Doctor
  • Smudger as Baby Cashier
  • Rhenaes as Baby Libarian
  • Stepney as Baby Janitor
  • Bulstrode the Bardge as Calcalator
  • Terence as Micorwave
  • Daisy as Computer
  • Boco as Mouse
  • Madge as Mailbox
  • Bertie as Squiter
  • Mavis as Sink
  • Three Lorrys and Bulgy as Maize's Kittens
  • Max & Monty as The Police Dogs
  • Stanley as Doctor
  • Spencer as George the Gorilla
  • & Douglas as David the Puppy

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