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Thomas/The Chronicles of Narnia is a parody with Thomas The Tank Engine Clips and Disney's Narnia Sounds.


  • Thomas as Edmund Pevensie
  • Emily as Susan Pevensie
  • Edward as Peter Pevensie
  • Rosie as Lucy Pevensie
  • Henry as Aslan
  • Oliver as Mr Fox
  • Toby as Father Christmas
  • Duck as Mr. Tumnus
  • Daisy as Jadis The White Witch
  • George as The Troll
  • Diesel as Ginarrbrik
  • Hector as Otmin
  • Harold as Talking Gryphon
  • Gordon as Prince Caspian
  • Boco as Rhinoceros
  • James as Oreius
  • Spencer as Sopespian
  • Percy as Reepicheep
  • Arry and Bert as Polar Bears
  • Old Coaches as Reindeers
  • Cranky as Maugrim
  • Troublesome Trucks as White Witch's Army and Telmarine Army
  • Other Engines as Old Narnians and White Witch's Army that joined The Old Narnians
  • Bulgy as Nikabrik
  • Jack as Mr. Beaver
  • Isobella as Mrs. Beaver
  • Diesel 10 as Miraz
  • Narrow Gauge Trucks as The Nazis

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