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  • Thomas as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Diesel as The Joker
  • Henry as Alfred
  • Edward as Lucius Fox
  • James as Harvey Dent/Two Face
  • Emily as Rachel Dawes
  • Gordon as Commissioner Gordon
  • Molly as Gordon's Wife
  • Percy as Gordon's Son
  • Rosie as Gordon's Daughter
  • Spiteful Breakvan as Gambol
  • A Troublesome Truck as Pencil Trick Thug
  • Hector as Maroni
  • Arry/Bert as Chechen
  • George as Scarecrow
  • Spencer as Weurtz
  • Daisy as Ramirez
  • D261 as Lau
  • The Fat Controller as Mayor
  • Murdoch as Commissioner Loeb
  • Duck as Detective Stephens

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