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Casts for Each Parody aren't always the same but some are moslty used like Thomas as Perkin, Percy as Pootle and Rosie as Posie . Heres a List.


  • Perkin - Thomas/Boco/Jamas/Rheneas/Skarloey/Jack/Bertie/Duck/Stepney/Charlie/Wilbert/Toby/Harold/Jeremy/Gordon/Henry/Rosie
  • Pootle - Percy/Mavis/Rusty/Thomas/Rheneas/Alfie/Harold/Oliver/Stepney/Duck/Wilbert/Toby/Charlie/Billy/Stanley/Dennis/Frank/Skarloey/Henry
  • Posie - Rosie/Daisy/Emily/Annie/Clarabel/Old Slow Coach/Mavis/Isobella/Pip/Emma/Thomas
  • Mother Flump - Emily/Daisy/Mavis/Rosie/Madge/Annie/Clarabel/Old Slow Coach/Eilzabeth/Pip/Emma/Duchess of Hamilton/Edward
  • Father Flump - Gordon/Boco/Henry/Sir Handal/Duke/Peter Sam/Byron/Ned/Trevor/Green Arrow/Flying Soctman/Toby/Thomas/Molly
  • Grandfather Flump - Toby/Salty/Hiro/Boco/Sir Topham Hatt's Car/Duke/Bertram/Edward/Dennis/Flora
  • Uncle William - Murdoch/Flying Soctman/Edward/Henry/Gordon/James/Toby/Duke/Bertram/Hiro/Ferdinand/Madge/Sir Topham Hat
  • Cousin Fillbert - Salty/Gordon/Henry/Edward/Toby/Duck/Oliver/Duke/Bertram/Hiro/Ferdinand
  • Aunt Mertle - Caroilne/Eilzabeth/Daisy/Isobella
  • The Cloud - Tiger Moth/Hector/S.C Ruffey/NW Breakvan/Diesel/Diesel 10/Spamcan/Old Stuck Up/D261/George/Bulgy/Bulstrode/Arry/Bert/Queen of Soder Boat
  • Pootle's Toy - Old Slow Coach/Annie/Clarabel/A NG Coach/Coaches/Trucks/Butch/Ned/Sir Handal/Henrietta/Rocky/TFC's Car/The Milk Tanker/The Tar Wagon/The Toffee Tanker
  • Car 1 - Bertie/Thomas
  • Car 2 - Eilzabeth/Percy
  • Car 3 - Isobella/James
  • The Flumpsicle - Coaches/Derek/Boco/Daisy/Mavis/Bear/Mallard/Gordon/Henry/Edward/James/Thomas/Percy/Toby/Duck/Oliver/Bill/Ben/Stepney/The Foregin Engine/Flying Soctman/Green Arrow/Duchess of Hamilton/Murdoch/Spencer/Dennis/Frank/Jock/Wilbert/Sir Handal/Peter Sam/Molly/Emily/D261
  • The Sea Monster - The Chinese Dragon/Diesel 10/Queen of Sodor Boat/D261/Diesel/The Foregin Engine

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