Casts for each parody aren't always the same, but some are mostly like Thomas as Baloo, Percy as Mowgli, James as Bagheera and Diesel as Shere Khan. Here's a list.


  • Baloo - James
  • Mowgli - Billy
  • Bagheera - Green Arrow
  • Kaa - Chinese Dragon
  • Shere Khan - Mallard
  • Colonel Hathi - Eric Cartman (from South Park)
  • Mrs. Hathi - Madge
  • Junior Elephant - Thomas
  • King Louie - Old Stuck Up
  • Akela - Edward
  • Rama - City of Truro
  • Mowgli's Dad - Hank
  • Mowgli's Mom - Mavis
  • Shanti - Molly
  • Ranjan - Stephenson's Rocket

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