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  • Thomas as Mr. M (Thomas and Mr. M are both blue and number 1)
  • Derek as Mr. T
  • Percy as Mr. F (Percy and Mr. F are both small and green)
  • Gordon as Mr. H (Gordon and Mr. H are both number 4)
  • Rusty as Mr. N (Rusty and Mr. N are both number 5)
  • James as Mr. B
  • Mavis as Miss A
  • Toby as Mr. Z (Toby and Mr. Z are both square)
  • Henry as Mr. P
  • Edward as Mr. S
  • Rosie as Miss E
  • Emily as Miss I
  • Daisy as Miss O
  • Flora as Miss U
  • Spencer as Mr. V
  • Duck as Mr. L
  • Oliver as Mr. D
  • Charlie as Mr. G (Charlie and Mr. G are both purple)
  • Terence as Mr. C (Terence and Mr. C are both orange)
  • Salty as Mr. K (Salty and Mr. K are both red)
  • Trevor as Mr. W (Trevor and Mr. W are both green)
  • Dennis as Mr. Y
  • Whiff as Mr. J
  • Diesel as Mr. R
  • Hiro as Mr. X (Hiro and Mr. X were both discovered in the woods)
  • Murdoch as Mr. Q (Murdoch and Mr. Q are both quiet)
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Monty Swell
  • Diesel 10 as The Very Very Villainous Vandal

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