Thomas as Flik the Ant

Elizabeth as Princess Atta

Rosie as The Queen

Emily as Princess Dot

Gordon as Thorny

Henry as Cornelius

Edward as Mr. Soil

Flora as Dr. Flora

Bartok (from Anastasia) as Hopper

Rasputin (from Anastasia) as Molt

Toby as Thumper

Derek as Francis

D261 as Heimlich

Daisy as Rosie

Diesel 10 as Slim

Diesel as Dim

George as Manny

Mavis as Gypsy

Donald and Douglas as Tuck and Roll

Sir Tophamm Hatt as P.T. Flea

Trucks as The Fireflies

Troublesame Trucks as Grasshoppers

Bill and Ben as Axel and Loco

Trevor as Aphie the Aphid

Fergus as Slick the Slug

Bertram as The Blueberries

Duke as The Ant Colony

Butch as The Drummer

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