Thomas/The Lion King Parodies - Featuring Duke and Molly

Cast lists

Version 1 (by Krenar.sulejmani.18)

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  • Gordon as Mufasa
Caroline as Sarabi
Thomas as Young Simba
Madge as Sarafina
Emily as Young Nala
James as Adult Simba
Mavis as Adult Nala
Toby as Zazu
Stepney as Timon
Percy as Pumbaa
Edward as Rafiki
Diesel as Scar
Daisy as Shenzi
Spencer as Banzai
Arry/Bert as Ed
Rosie as Young Kiara
Molly as Adult Kiara 
Elizabeth as Zira
Toad as Young Kovu
Henry as Adult Kovu
Annie/Clarabel as Vitani
George as Teenage Nuka
Diesel 10 as Adult Nuka
Madge as Ma
BoCo as Uncle Max

Version 2

  • more to come

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