Thomas/The Little Engine That Could Parodies - Featuring Bertie and Terence

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  • Bertie as Tillie
  • Terence as Georgia
  • Thomas as Tower
  • Percy as Chip (Rosie cannot be chip, Rosie is female and Chip is male
  • Trevor as Eric (Mavis can't be Eric, Mavis is female and Eric is male)
  • Duck as Perky the Baby Elephant
  • Diesel 10 as The Voice inside the Cave
  • Mavis as Sally
  • Gordon as Tim
  • Duck as Sam
  • Daisy as Robotrain (I know Daisy is female) (Thomas can't be Robotrain, Thomas is good and Robotrain is bad)
  • Donald/Douglas as Eva (Diesel can't be Eva, Diesel is bad and Eva is good)
  • and more

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