Elizabeth  as Granny

Henry as Child

Isobella as Cat

Gordon as Dog

Molly as Mouse

Sodor Airport Planes as Bed

Freight Cars as House

Troublesame Trucks as Gate

S.C.Ruffey as Trees

The Spiteful Breakvan as Chair

Toad as Mirror

Brake Van as Swing

Brake Car as Sleeping

Brake Truck as Trees

Brake as Mailbox

Van as Sleeping Bed

Truck as Sitting Chair

Car as Window

Fire Truck as Flowers

Fire Engine as Lightning

Fire Man as Outside

Fire as Sleep

Engines as The Sleeping

Emily as Pot

Toby as Flea

Steamies and Diesels as Is Sleeping

Calling All Engines as Bike

Calling All as Grass

Engine as Treehouse

Diesels and Steamies as In Napping House

Fire Station as Crash

Station Fire as Decks

Train Station as Thumps

Station Train as Bumps

Engineer as Napping House

Thomas as The Napping House Sleeping

Percy as Sleeping The Napping House

Water as Jumping

The Water as The Jumping

Waterfall as Jump

The Waterfall as The Jump

The Engineer as Jump the Jumping

Train as Jumping the Jump

Trains as The Jumping Jump

The Flood as The Jump Jumping

Flood as Jump Jumping

Water Flood as Jumping Jump

Flood as Rug

Flood Water as The Rug

Flood Waterfall as Rug Crash

Waterfall Flood as Crash Rug

Flood Turntable as The Rug Crash

Turntable Flood as The Crash Rug

Turntable as The Crash

The Turntable as Crash The

Turntable The as Bedroom

Trains Sheds as The Bedroom

Train Sheds as Bedroom The

The Trains Sheds as Bed Bedroom

The Train Sheds as Bedroom Bed

Murdoch as In The Napping House

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