Thomas as Lieutenant Shane Wolfe

Molly as Julie Plummer

Isobella as Clarie Fletcher

Elizabeth as Zoe Plummer

Diesel 10 as Seth Plummer

Gordon as Lulu Plummer

Henry as Pete Plummer

Percy as Baby Tyler Plummer

Toby as Captain Bill Fawcett

Mavis as Helga

Diesel as Vice Principal Dwayne Murney

George as Howard Plummer

BoCo and Flora as Mr. and Mrs. Chun

Donald and Douglas as Fireflies

Freight Cars as Soldiers

Troublesame Trucks as The Soldiers

Bill and Ben as Boat

Oliver as Water

Duck as The Water

Cranky as Water The

Colin as Helicopter

Butch as The Helicopter

Bulgy as Helicopter The

Arry and Bert as Ball

Splatter and Dodge as The Ball

Derek as Ball The

D261 as Jump

Hector as The Jump

Toad as Jump The

S.C.Ruffey as Jumping

The Spiteful Breakvan as The Jumping

Lorry 2 as Jumping The

Lorry 3 as House

Lorry 1 as The House

Bulstrode as House The

Trevor as Car

Iron as The Car

The Iron as Car The

Iron The as Crash

Salty as The Crash

Harvey as Crash The

Cranes as Recess

The Cranes as The Recess

Cranes The as Recess The

The Flying Kipper as Swinging

The Chinese Dragon as The Swinging

The Coaches as Swinging The

Coaches The as Picture

Coaches as Soldiers The

Express Coaches as The Boat

Express as Boat The

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