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Thomas/The Princess Bride is a parody using Thomas photos and clips and The Princess Bride sound.


Version 1 (Made By RayFan94 a.k.a. UbiSoftFan94)

  • Casey Jr (Dumbo, The Reluctant Dragon, Kronk's New Groove, and Casey Jr and Friends) as Westley/Dread Pirate Roberts/The Man In Black
  • Tillie (The Little Engine That Could and Casey Jr and Friends) as Buttercup
  • Douglas as Prince Humperdinck
  • Spencer as Count Tyrone Rugen
  • Thomas as Inigo Montoya
  • Murdoch as Fezzik
  • Donald as Vizzini
  • Percy as Miracle Max
  • Rosie as Valerie, Max's wife
  • Linus (The Brave Locomotive) as The Impressive Clergyman
  • Cerberus (The Little Engine That Could "2011 film") as The Albino
  • Sally Seaplane (TUGS) as The Ancient Booer
  • Luke as Yellin
  • Henry (The Brave Locomotive) as The King
  • Scarlet (The Brave Locomotive) as The Queen
  • Farnsworth (The Little Engine That Could) as Grandpa
  • Narrator as Himself
  • Peter Sam as The Grandson
  • Emily as The Mother
  • Samson (The Brave Locomotive) as Valerlie
  • Ten Cents (TUGS) as The Abino
  • Grampus (Salty's Lighthouse) as The Ancent Boor
  • Zorran, Zak, Zug, Zip, Zedebee, Johnny Cuba, Bluenose, Oliver, Cabot, Cabot's Cargo, Bobby, Pirates, Scoop, Lord Stinker, Mr. Bocco, Mr. Socco, and Shrimpers (TUGS and Theodore Tugboat) as The Pirates
  • The Castle as Itself
  • Captain Zero (TUGS) as Shark
  • The Buccaneer (Rayman 2) Pirates Boat
  • The Water as Itself
  • The House as Itself
  • Fire as Itself
  • Theodore (Theodore Tugboat) as The Horse
  • Ten Cents, Big Stack, Big Mac, OJ, Captain Star, Otis, Top Hat, Warrior, Hercules, Z.B., Zak, Zug, Zip, Billy Shoepeck, Scuttlebutt Pete, Foduck and Cappy (TUGS, Theodore Tugboat & Salty's Lighthouse) as Soldiers
  • Foduck (Theodore Tugboat) as Horse
  • Rocks as Themselves
  • Little Toot (Melody Time) as The Boat
  • Running as Itself
  • Fire Swamp as Itself
  • The Fire Swamp as Itself
  • Fire Engine as Trees
  • Hank (Theodore Tugboat) as Sun
  • Swamp as Itself
  • The Swamp as Itself
  • The Swamp Fire as Itself
  • Swamp Fire as Itself
  • The Grass as Itself
  • George (Theodore Tugboat) as Santa
  • Emily (Theodore Tugboat) as Kiss
  • The Fire as Itself
  • The Fire Swamp as Itself
  • The Fire Trees as Themselves
  • The Fire Swamp Trees as Themselves
  • The Swamp Fire Trees as Themselves
  • The Fire Fireplace as Itself

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