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  • Edward as Hi-Fi
  • Molly as Lucy
  • Lady as Princess
  • Percy as Sad Sack
  • Emily as Dotty
  • James as Claude
  • Thomas as Back to Front
  • Stanley as The Aeroplane Boy
  • Duck and Stepney as The Circus Clowns
  • Hector and Bulstoude as The Circus Lions
  • Salty, Den and Dart as The Circus Strongman
  • Bertie as Pumpanickel
  • Harvey as The Pigeon
  • Boco as White Wizard
  • Diesel 10 as Red Wizard
  • Sir Topham Hatt as Mr. Grimes
  • Gordon as Mr. Barsey
  • Daisy as Miss Marianna Bunch
  • Old Slow Coach as The Doll
  • Alice (from RWS) as The Doll's Owner
  • Elizabeth as The Litter Bug Mother
  • D261 as The Litter Bug Mother
  • Neville as The Stereo Player Boy
  • Duncan as The BMX Bike Boy
  • Mavis as The Cartwheel Girl
  • The Narrow Gauge Engines as The Dark Wood Creatures
  • Toby as The Old Rabbit
  • S.C. Ruffey as The Poachers
  • Diesel as Toby Martin
  • Mr. Percival as The Fun Fair Boss
  • Madge as Florrie Fosdyke
  • Jem Cole as Farmer Brown
  • Gremlin as Rufus
  • Mrs, Kyndley as The Nurse
  • Rosie as Babette
  • Lady Hatt and Dowager Hatt as The American Ladies
  • Spencer as Andre G. Hamburger
  • Flora as Nicole
  • Bridget Hatt as Nicole's Owner
  • The Refreshment Lady as Mr. Grime's Sister
  • Arry and Bert as The Terrible Twins
  • Murdoch as The Announcer Rabbit
  • Terence as Jack BB
  • Isobella as Cousin Tabifath
  • Trucks as Mices
  • The Star TUGS (from TUGS) as Ducks

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