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Version 1 (made by Dude899)

  • Rosie as Jazzi
  • Isobella as Foo
  • Stanley as Noodle
  • Thomas as Custard
  • Toad as Ka-Chung (both are comedic and loud)
  • Skarloey as B.B. Jammies
  • Percy as Andre the Super Seahorse
  • Skarloey as Oscar Monkey
  • Mavis as Tina Monkey
  • Henry as Raymundo Ant
  • Emily as Peque Ant
  • Gordon as Winston Whale
  • Flora as Olena Octopus
  • Neville as Baby Dino
  • Donald as Tony
  • Douglas as Sal
  • Molly as Dori the Glow Grub
  • Duck as Tyrell the Glow Grub

Version 2

  • Emily as Jazzi
  • Rosie as Foo
  • Thomas as Custard
  • Duck as Noodle
  • James as Ka-Chung
  • Billy as B.B. Jammies
  • Salty as Oscar Monkey
  • Mavis as Tina Monkey
  • Oliver as Raymundo Ant
  • Lady as Peque Ant
  • Percy as Andre The Super Seahorse
  • Molly as Olena Octopus
  • Gordon as Winston Whale
  • Henry as Baby Dino
  • Donald and Douglas as Tony and Sal
  • Connor and Caitlin as Tyrell and Dori
  • Jack as Colin
  • Isobella as Elizabat

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