• Thomas as Zak Saturday
  • Gordon as Doc Saturday
  • Emily as Drew Saturday
  • Percy as Fiskerston Saturday
  • Henry as Komodo Saturday
  • Molly as Zon Saturday
  • Duck as Doyle Blackwell
  • Oliver as Van Rook
  • James as Francis
  • Rosie as Wadi
  • Mavis as Miranda Grey
  • Daisy as Abbey Grey
  • Diesel as Arghost
  • George as Munya
  • Diesel 10 as The Grootslang
  • Evil Thomas as Zak Monday
  • Arry as Fiskerton Monday
  • Bert as Komodo Monday
  • Judge Judy as Zon Monday
  • Evil Gordon as Doc Monday
  • Elizabeth as Drew Monday
  • D199 as Piecemeal
  • Spencer as Mokele Mbeme #1
  • Splatter as Mokele Mbeme #2
  • Dodge as Mokele Mbeme #3
  • Boco as Okapi
  • Smudger as Baron Finster
  • S.C. Ruffey as Shoji Fuzen

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