• Cast
  • Murdoch as Brantley Foster/Carlton Whitfield
  • Henrietta as Christy Wills
  • Rocky as Howard Prescott
  • Mavis as Vera Prescott
  • James as Fred Melrose
  • Charlie as Barney Rattigan
  • Gordon as Art Thomas
  • Ferdinand as Donald Davenport
  • A red coach as Jean
  • Emily as Grace Foster
  • Dennis as Burt Foster
  • Miss Naughty (from Mr. Men Show) as Maureen
  • Bear as Arnold Forbrush
  • Molly as Shelia
  • Mr. Quiet (from Mr. Men Show) as Owens
  • Annie/Clarabel as Vernon S. Fletcher
  • Mr. Fussy (from Mr. Men Show) as McMasters
  • A special coach as Davis
  • Mr. Tickle (from Mr. Men Show) as Ferguson
  • Bennett and Co. as Ron
  • Mr. Scatterbrain (from Mr. Men Show) as Davidson
  • Mr. Small (from Mr, Men Show) as Proctor
  • Mr. Bounce (from Mr. Men Show), Arthur and Derek as Executives
  • Miss Helpful (from Mr. Men Show) as Mrs. Meacham
  • Dulcy (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Research Department Clerk
  • Mr. Nervous (from Mr. Men Show) as Shipping Executive
  • Bill/Ben as Fired Executive
  • Mr. Strong (from Mr. Men Show) as Liqour Store Owner
  • Miss Scary (from Mr. Men Show) as Wife of Liqour Store Owner
  • Mr. Rude and Mr. Noisy (from Mr. Men Show) as Maintenece Men
  • Mr. Stubborn (from Mr. Men Show) as Man in KRS Building
  • Miss Daredevil (from Mr. Men Show) as Woman in KRS Building
  • Mr, Funny (from Mr. Men Show) as Harried KRS Executive
  • Sunshine (from TUGS) as Cuban

More Ideas?

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