• Thomas as Bart
  • Percy as Milhouse
  • Henry as Homer
  • Emily as Marge
  • Rosie as Lisa
  • Lady as Maggie
  • Annie & Clarabel as Patty & Selma
  • Duck as Martin
  • Neville as Apu
  • Gordon as Principal Skinner
  • Edward as Ned Flanders
  • Bill as Rod Flanders
  • BoCo as Dr. Hibbert
  • James as Moe
  • Molly as Edna Krabappel
  • 'Arry as Nelson
  • Bert as Jimbo
  • Splatter as Kearney
  • Dodge as Dolph
  • Hector as Jasper
  • Oliver as Chief Wiggum
  • Skarloey as Lou
  • Rheneas as Eddie
  • Duke as Hans Moleman
  • Alfie as Lewis
  • Ernest (from RWS) as Richard
  • Diesel 10 as Snake
  • Dennis as Barney
  • Victoria & Helena (from RWS) as Sherri & Terri
  • Kelly as Sanjay
  • Rex (from RWS) as Squeaky-Voiced Teen
  • The Foreign Tank Engines (from RWS) as Kwik-E Mart Shoppers and Other Junior Campers
  • Cranky as Krusty the Clown
  • Ernest Borgnine (a fan-made character) as Himself
  • and more

Song: Sodor, Sodor

  • Thomas and Percy: Sodor, Sodor, it's a helluva town. The schoolyard's up, and the shopping mall's down. The stray dogs go to the animal pound!
  • Thomas: Sodor, Sodor........
  • Percy: Sodor, Sodor........
  • Hitchhiker: London, London........
  • Thomas: London is thataway, man!
  • Hitchhiker: Thanks, kid!
  • Thomas and Percy: It's a helluva town! (montage of the two taking on the island)
  • Henry: Mmm... free goo.
  • Percy: Hey, don't bother that squishee!
  • Dennis: I dunno where you magic pixies came from, but I like your pixie drink! (hallucination of Neville laughing like a madman)
  • Thomas: (back in the sheds) Oh, my smokebox.
  • Rosie: Tsk, tsk, tsk, the remorse of the sugar junkie.
  • Thomas: Oh, I don't remember anything.
  • Rosie: Really? Not even this? (Thomas looks at himself in a mirror to be painted in a Junior Campers livery)

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