• Gordon as Homer
  • Emily as Marge
  • Thomas as Bart
  • Rosie as Lisa
  • Lady as Maggie
  • Annie as Patty
  • Clarabel as Selma
  • Gremlin as Santa's Little Helper
  • STH/TFC's Cat as Snowball II
  • Henry as Lenny
  • Arthur as Carl
  • Harvey as Barney
  • Percy as Milhouse
  • Victoria & Helena as Sherri & Terri
  • Scruffey as Nelson
  • Duck as Martin
  • Charlie as Wendell
  • Murdoch as Kent Brockman
  • Oliver as Chief Wiggum
  • Skarloey as Lou
  • Rheneas as Eddie
  • Sir Handel as Mayor Quimby
  • Byron as Otto
  • Buster as Mr. Teeny
  • Cranky as Krusty


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