• Thomas as Bart Simpson (Stan Marsh)
  • Duck as Milhouse Van Houten (Kyle Broflovski)
  • James as Nelson Muntz (Eric Cartman)
  • Percy as Ralph Wiggum (Kenny McCormick)
  • Henry as Otto Mann


  • Thomas: My dad is such a jerk. I want a baby brother and he said no.
  • James: Maybe you could trick your parents into making a baby, the way my mom nearly tricked Charles Barkley.
  • Thomas: Trick them. I like it. But how?
  • [Percy Talks like Kenny McCormick]
  • Thomas: A romantic dinner?, That's a great idea!
  • Henry: Oh my god!, I killed Kenny!
  • Duck: Percy.
  • Henry: No, I killed Kenny yesterday. What did I do now?

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