• Thomas as Nelson Muntz
  • Emily as Jessica Lovejoy
  • Mavis as Lucille Botz
  • Molly as Ms. Cantwell
  • Edward as Sideshow Bob
  • Henry as Frank Grimes Sr.
  • Gordon as Mr. Burns
  • Toby as Fat Tony
  • James as Jimbo Jones
  • Rosie as Francine Rhenquist
  • Salty as Dr. Colossus
  • Percy as Kearny Zzyzwicz
  • Duck as Dolph Starbeam
  • Fergus as Frank Grimes Jr.
  • Bertie as Russ Cargill
  • Donald as Rex Banner
  • Douglas as Dexter Colt
  • Boco as Hank Scorpio
  • Belle as Judge Constance Harm
  • Madge as Patty Bouvier
  • Isabella as Selma Bouvie
  • Jack as Killer Krusty Doll
  • Alfie as King Snorky
  • Bill as Kang
  • Ben as Kodos
  • Ned as Mr. Lyle Lanley
  • Byron as LT Smash
  • Annie as Killer Dolphin 1
  • Clarabel as Killer Dolphin 2
  • Henrietta as Killer Dolphin 3
  • Billy as Gino Terwilliger
  • Stanley as Joey Crusher
  • Charlie as Lowblow
  • Eddie as Frankie the Squealer
  • Dash as Rich Texan
  • Whiff as Johnny Tightlips
  • Neville as Snake
  • Jem Cole as Lard Lad

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