Castings by Dude723

  • James as Cavis Appythart (Bob the Tomato)
  • Thomas as Millward Phelps (Larry the Cucumber)
  • Edward as Reverend Gilbert (Junior's Dad)
  • Donald as Moyer "The Destroyer" McPotipher


Edward (Reverend Gilbert's voice): "Well, Moyer, thanks for helping out with the Ladies Temperance League dinner."

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Aye, Reverend. For being so temperate, they sure can eat!"

Edward (Reverend Gilbert's voice): "Hah! Let's just keep that to ourselves."

Edward (Reverend Gilbert's voice): "Say, did you put the Star of Christmas in the cabinet?"

Donald (Moyer's voice): Aye, sir, but I'm awfully nervous about leaving it out all night. There are desperate characters in this town who'd love to get their hands on it!

Edward (Reverend GIlbert's voice): "Ho, oh, Moyer, have faith in your fellow man. Besides, anyone who wanted the star would have to go through you!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Ah, well, sir.........."

Edward (Reverend Gilbert's voice): "Prize Fighting Champ, 1851 World Exposition!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Ah, 2nd runner up..........."

Edward (Reverend Gilbert's voice): "Moyer the Destroyer!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Aye, but me fighting days are behind me, now. Way back there!"

Edward (Reverend Gilbert's voice): "Well, we'll lock up the church real tight tonight just to be safe."

Edward (Reverend Gilbert's voice): "Goodnight, Moyer!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Goodnight, Reverend!"

James (Cavis's voice): [whispers] "Millward, you still here?"

James (Cavis's voice): "What are you doing?"

Thomas (Millward's voice):"I'm praying to be delivered from the mighty and fearsome hand of Moyer the Destroyer."

James (Cavis's voice): "Would you cut that out? if we don't get that star, our careers in theater are over."

James (Cavis's voice): "Oh, that must be it!

Thomas (Millward's voice): "I still don't feel very good about stealing the star.........."

James (Cavis's voice): "Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no! We're not stealing the Star, we're just borrowing it! As soon as our show opens, we'll bring it right back!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "We will?"

James (Cavis's voice): "Of course! and besides, we're not doing this for us; we're doing it for London!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "London?"

James (Cavis's voice): Absolutely, London needs us to borrow the star! they're practically begging us to borrow the star!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "I don't hear 'em.

James (Cavis's voice): "Metaphorically speaking. Trust me! [whispers] It's the right thing to do!"

James (Cavis's voice): "Wow! Would you look at that?!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "It looks like a turtle."

James (Cavis's voice): "Well, yes, I suppose, if you look at it that way. But back then I'm sure it looked like an exquisite star!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "It looks like a turtle."

James (Cavis's voice): "Listen, Millward, I don't care if it looks like a chicken on a bicycle! This is what the prince wants to see, so this is what we're gonna put in our show! Now grab it and let's get outta here, before we wake up ol' what's-his-name!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "Okay!"

Cavis: [whispers] Millward, do you hear something?

Thomas (Millward's voice): "I don't hear anything, Cavis......"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Huh? who goes there?"

[You can see the lights click on in the window]

Moyer: [VO] Who goes there?

Thomas (Millward's voice): "Oh, dear........"

James (Cavis's voice): "Let's get out of here!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Hey!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "You there! What do you think you're doing?!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Huh? The star?!?"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Alright, now I'm angry!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "It's Moyer the Destroyer!"

James (Cavis's voice): "Run, Millward!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "I'm way ahead of you, Cavis!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Get back here, you chicken-hearted hooligans!

James (Cavis's voice): "See ya, Moyer the Destroyer!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "I'm gonna give you the what for, you scallywagger raccoons!"

James (Cavis's voice): "They're locked!"

Thomas (Millward's voice): "Cavis!"

Donald (Moyer's voice):"Now you'll taste my wrath, you spanky mulligans!

Thomas (Millward's voice): "Cavis!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "I said get back here this instant........."

James (Cavis's voice): "Millward, follow me!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "before I unfurl your squirrelly toads!"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "Ah! Where you going?"

Donald (Moyer's voice): "You're not so brave now, you monkey-headed looney-dogs!"

Millward: He's gonna kill us! He's gonna kill us! He's gonna kill us!

Cavis: No, no! His fighting days are behind him, remember?

Millward: Tell him that!

Moyer: You're gonna be singing out the other side of your nose when I'm through with you, you slimy sea-donkeys!

[As all 4 were still going up running from Moyer until...]

Millward: There's no more stairs! What do we do? What do we do?

Cavis: We need to get out on the roof.

Maxwell: How do we do that?!

Cavis: I think we need to go higher! [sees something] Hey! This looks like a lift! Look around for a [hops onto the wooden panel that is hanging by ropes] lever or something.

[then a brick on the gear popped off & Cavis went down]

Millward: Something's happening...

Cathy: [reached her hand out for Cavis] Uncle Cavis!

Moyer: [hopping upstairs angrily] You'll be burping out of your ears, you dust bunnies!

[As Cavis went down passing Moyer]

Moyer: [stops] Heh? [look down at Cavis] You can't get away from me, [goes down] wee tomato!

[then Cavis crashed down onto the ground. Crash!]

Millward: Cavis! Are you okay? [knocks into a shelf

Moyer: You'll be wailing louder than me goat bladder bagpipes, you haggis eating turkey otters.

[As 3 different sized bells fell on the other other side of the lift which also made Cavis go back up]

Moyer: [hopping downstairs] I'll chase you all the way...

[As Cavis is passing Moyer again]

Moyer: [stops] Heh? Aye, that's the last straw,

[Cavis got crashed up to the ceiling. Crash!]

Moyer: yo-yo tomato!

Cavis: [went off the lift and landed in front of Millward, Maxwell and Cathy]

[The camera cuts to Moyer who is hopping upstairs angrily]

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