James as Thomas

Daisy as Edward

Donald as Henry

Douglas as Gordon

Bulgy as James

Belle as Percy

George as Toby

BoCo as Duck

Arry as Donald

Bert as Douglas

Ned/Nelson as Oliver

Max/Monty as Bill

Bill as Ben

Ben as Harvey

Emily as Lady

Harvey as Emily

Jack as Murdoch

Kelly as Spencer

Salty as Molly

Byron as Neville

Elizabeth as Rosie

Oliver as Fergus

Rusty as Arthur

Elizabeth as Flora

Splatter as Hank

Dodge as Hiro

Isobella as Belle

Stepney as Stanley

Rheneas as Whiff

Skarloey as Billy

Duke and Duck as Bash and Dash

Cranky as Ferdinand

Colin as Scruff

Daisy as Charlie

Percy as Victor

Thomas as Steam Engines

Freight Cars as The Steam Train

Troublesame Trucks as The Steam Engines

Crane as Steam Train

Cranes as Steam Engines

The Flood as The Steam

Flood as Steam

The Water as Engines

Water as Train

The Waterfall as Train Engines

Fire Engine as Fire Steam

Fire Man as Fire Train

Fire Truck as Trains

Fire as Train Engine

Engines as Train Tracks

Fireplace as The Train

Trains as The Trains

Train as The Engines

The Engine as The Trains

Bulstrode as The Engine

Captain as Engine

The Sailboat as Trains Engines

Sailboat as Trains Engine

Place as The Train Engines

Algy as The Trains Engines

Bertie as The Trains Engine

Brake as The Engineer

Van as Engineer

The Flying Kipper as Train Engineer

The Chinese Dragon as Trains Engineer

The Breakdown Train as The Train Engineer

The Goods Train as The Trains Engineer

The Trains as The Engineer Trains

The Train as The Engineer Train

Freight Train as Lost Engineer

The Flying as Last Engineer

The Kipper as First Engineer

The Brakevan as Then Engineer

Bad as Engineer Train

Good as Engineer Trains

Train Engines as More Engineer

Trains Engine as Calling All Engines

Calling All Engines as Calling All

Bash and Dash as Steamies and Diesels

Den and Dart as Diesels and Steamies

Paxton, Norman and Sidney as Engines All Calling

The Diesel as Calling

The Brake Van as All

The Freight Train as Crash

Engines All Calling as Train Station

Sodor Airport Planes as Station Train

The Western Brake Van as Train Sheds

Brake Van as Sheds Train

The Westerns as Sheds

The Western as Shed

Western The as The Shed

Duncan as Station

Bertram as Steams Engines

Peter Sam as The Western

Caroline as Western

Sir Handel as Western Engine

Tram as Westerns Engines

Truck as Engine Western

Cars as Engines Westerns

Flying as Train Western

Kipper as Western Train

The Kipper Flying as Western Trains

Flying Kipper as Trains Western

Kipper Flying as The Western Trains

Diesel The as The Trains Western

Bad Diesels as The Western Train

Diesels Bad as The Train Western

The Bad Diesels as Western Train The

The Diesels Bad as Train Western The

Bad Diesels The as Western Trains The

Diesels Bad The as Trains Western The

The Turntable as The Westerns

Turntable The as Westerns The

Turntable as Western The

Spinning Turntable as Westerns