Version 1

  • Emily as White Cat
  • Duck as Orange Cat
  • Edward as The Army
  • Gordon as The Sergeant
  • Daisy as The Evil Queen
  • Henry as Squirrel
  • James as Jack The Squirrel
  • Thomas as Brown Cat
  • Annie, Clarabel, Old Slowcoach, Alice, Mirabel, Isabel and Catherine as The Flowers
  • Henrietta and The Coaches as The Birds
  • Billy as Black Cat
  • Rosie as Butterfly
  • Oliver as Mr. Frog
  • Whiff as Dark Cat
  • Molly as White Rabbit
  • Skarloey as Purple Cat
  • Toby as Yellow Cat
  • The Engines as The Soldiers
  • Murdoch as Head Of Army
  • Percy as White Mouse
  • Donald as Mr. Gargan
  • Douglas as Mr. Toomes
  • BoCo as Cream Cat
  • Elizabeth as Miss Sharon
  • Lady as Penelope
  • Diesel 10, Arry, Bert, Bulgy, George, Duncan, Splatter, Dodge, Lord Harry, Godred and Scruffey as The Clouds
  • Flying Scotsman as Black and White Cat
  • Hiro as Mr. George
  • Hank as Mr. Moon
  • City of Truro as He-Man/Prince Adam
  • Porter as Cringer/Battle-Cat
  • Bear (from RWS) as Lion-O
  • Iron Duke as Mr. Robot
  • Duke as Mr. Roy
  • Caroline as White Squirrel
  • Green Arrow as Junior
  • Diesel as Monster Wolf Fluff
  • Toad as Grape Ape
  • Derek as King Kong

Version 2

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