Thomas/The Emperor's New Groove are parodies with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips and The Emperor's New Groove sounds.


Version 1 (Made By JosephcCL93)

  • Thomas as Kuzco (Human Form)
  • James as Kuzco (Llama Form)
  • Henry as Pacha
  • Emily as Chicha
  • Percy as Tipo
  • Rosie as Chaca
  • Gordon as Kronk
  • Daisy as Yzma
  • Billy as Bucky
  • Mavis as Malina

Version 2 (EliJBrown/LinkandRutofan/SonicJrandSarah)

  • Nelson as Kuzco (Human Form)
  • Kelly as Kuzco (Llama Form)
  • Jack as Pacha
  • Isabella as Chicha
  • Alfie as Tipo
  • Madge as Chaca
  • Byron as Kronk
  • The Evil Diesel as Yzma

Version 3 (DonaldDouglas910)

James as Kusco (Human and Llama)

Thomas as Pacha

Daisy as Yzma

Gordon as Kronk

Emily as Chicha

Rosie as Chaca

Percy as Tipo

Billy as Bucky

Mavis as Malina

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