Thomas as Bernard

Emily as Miss Bianca

James as Rufus

Rosie as Penny

Daisy as Madame Medusa

Arry and Bert as Nero and Brutus

Mavis as Ellie Mae

Toby as Evinrude

Dennis as Mr. Snoops

Edward as Gramps

Henry as Orville

Duncan as Digger

Sir Handel as Rabbit

Duke as Owl

Freddie as The Chairman

Stepney as TV Announcer

Rheneas as Luke

Madge as German Mouse

Percy as Cody

Diesel as Percival McLeach

Oliver as Jake

Smudger as Joanna the Goanna

Scruffey as The Snake

Trucks as Crocodiles and Bats

Other Engines as Other Rescuer Characters

The One Eyed Truck as The Grumpy Lion

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