Thomas/The shoe people is a parody with The shoe people sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends footage.


  • Sir Topham Hatt as The Shoe Shop Keeper
  • Gordon as P.C Boot
  • Bertie as Charlie the Clown
  • Thomas as Trampy
  • Spencer as Sergeant Major
  • Emily as Margot
  • Duck as Wellington
  • Rosie as Baby Bootee
  • Diesel as Sneaker
  • Daisy as Guilder Van Der Clog
  • Percy as Flip Flop
  • Toby as Sid Slipper
  • Hank as Marshall
  • Edward as Mr. Potter

Version 2 (Done By Mason Hemphill)

  • This is the cast list for both The Shoe People and The New Adventures Of The Shoe People.

The Cast:

  • The Fat Controller as The Shoe Mender
  • Thomas as Trampy
  • Edward as PC Boot
  • Henry as Sacha
  • Gordon as Sergeant Major
  • James as Wellington
  • Percy as Charlie
  • Toby as Sid Slipper
  • Duck as Morris
  • Oliver as Toby
  • Diesel, Arry and Bert as The Boot Boys
  • Arthur as Behop
  • Daisy as Alula
  • Mavis as Beverley
  • Emily as Margot
  • Lady as Baby Bootee
  • Salty as Farmer Fred
  • Rosie as Flip Flop
  • Derek as Sneaker
  • Molly as Guilder Van Der Clogg (Molly and Guilder are both yellow.)
  • Murdoch as Officer Malone
  • BoCo as Coach
  • Hank as Marshall
  • The Trucks as The Flowers
  • The Narrow Gauge Engines as The Birds
  • Mr Percival as Doctor Merryweather
  • The Knapford Station Master as Mr Potter

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