Cast in Toccata and Fugue in D Minor:

Hector as Black Tomb

Other Engines as Other Objects

Cast in The Nutcracker Suite:

The Theodore Tugboat Characters and Tugs Characters as Fairies Flowers Fishes Mushrooms and Leaves

Cast in The Sorcerer's Apprentice:

Thomas as Mickey

Harold as Butterfly

Trucks as Brooms

Sir Topham Hatt as Yen Sid

Cast in The Rite of Spring:

Edward as Fish

Theodore Tugboat Characters Pocoyo Characters Tugs Characters Mario Characters and Sonic Characters as Parasaurlophuses Apatosauruses Triceratopses Ornithomimuses Pteranodons Mosasaurs and Velociraptors

Skarloey as Stegosaurus (Skarloey becomes Diesel's Enemy)

Diesel as Tyrannosaurus Rex

Derek as Dimetrodon

Live Action Cast:

The Nick at Nite Characters as Humans

Cast in Intermission/ Meet the Soundtrack

Instruments from Classical Baby as Instruments

Radio from The Brave Little Toaster as Soundtrack

Cast in The Pastoral Symphony:

The Starfy Characters as Centaurs Pegasi Mount Olympus Gods Fauns Cupids and Other Creatures

Bill and Ben as Bacchus and Jacchus

Diesel as The Vulcan

Gordon as Zeus

Cast in Dance of the Hours:

Mavis as Upanova

Elizabeth as Elephanchine

Emily as Hyacinth

Old Coaches as Morning Dancers (aka the Ostriches)

Red Coaches as Afternoon Dancers (aka the Hippos)

Orange Coaches as Evening Dancers (aka the Elephants)

Thomas as Ben Ali Gator

Trucks as Nightmare Dancers (aka the Alligators)

Cast in Night on Bald Mountain/ Ave Maria:

Diesel 10 as Chernabog (James can't be Chernabog because James in splendid and Chernabog is evil)

Horrid Lorries as Farm Animals

Splodge and Spencer as Imps

Blue Trucks as Blue Demons

Trucks as Ghosts Witches Harpies Zombies Goblins Demons and Skeletons (aka Chernabog's Minions)

Derek as Vulture

Daisy as Angry Heart

The Tugs Characters and Pingu Characters as Monks

Cast in Symphony No. 5:

Thomas and Emily as Orange and Pink

Citizens of Bikini Bottom from Bob the Sponge as Colored Triangles

Trucks as Black Triangles (The Mushroom Kingdom People from Mario can't be Black Triangles because The Mushroom Kingdom People are good and The Black Triangles are evil)

Cast in Claire De Lune:

Harold and Jeremy as Herons

Cast in Pines of Rome:

Narrow Gauge Engines as Humpback Whales

Percy as Baby Humpback

Trucks as The Seagulls

Cast in Rhapsody in Blue:

Rosie as Little Girl

Diesel as The Police Officer

Toby as Man with Red Hair (Toby and Red Haired Man are both cute and friendly)

Thomas as Builder (Thomas and Builder are both The Main Stars of this segment)

Daisy as The Wife of Man with Red Hair

Henry as The Poor Man (Henry and The Poor Man are both Poor)

Caroline as The Nanny

Stepney as The Monkey

Edward as The Girl's Dad

Emily as The Girl's Mom

Other Engines as Other People

Cast in Piano Concerto No. 2 In F Major-I Allegro (aka The Steadfast Tin Soldier):

Thomas as Toy Soldier

Emily as Ballerina

Diesel as Jack in The Box

Trucks as Rats and Fishes

Other Engines as Other People

Derek as Toy Maker

Fishermen from Finding Nemo as Fishermen

Cast in The Carnival of The Animals Finale:

Trucks as The Stuffy Flamingos

James as Yo Yo (James and Yo Yo are both funny)

Cast in Pomp and Circumstance:

James as Donald

Rosie as Daisy

Edward as Mr. Noah

Molly as Mrs. Noah

Noah Family's Animals from Noddy as The Animal Couples

Elizabeth and Gordon as Doves

Cast in Firebird Suite - 1919 Version:

Emily as Spring Sprite

Thomas as Elk

Diesel 10 as Firebird (Percy can't be Firebird because Percy is good and Firebird is evil)

Footage: Hit entertainment Audio: Disney

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