Version 1 (Made BY Samuel97Godzilla)

Skarloey as Thomas

Rheneas as Percy

Duncan as James

  • Rusty as Toby
  • Alfie and Jack as Bash and Dash
  • Freddie as Ferdinand
  • Madge as Emily
  • Duke as Edward

Oliver (Pack) as Arthur

Ned as Neville

Byron as Murdoch

Percy as Dumbo

Thomas as Timothy Q Mouse

Emily as Mrs Jumbo

Spencer as The Ringmaster

Donald/Douglas as Casey Junior

Henry as Jim Crow

Gordon as Fat Crow

  • Toby as Crow With Glasses

Edward as Dandy Crow

James as Crow with Straw Hat

Derek as Mr stork

Mavis as Catty

Rosie as Giddy

Molly as Prissy

  • Daisy as Matiarch

Lady as Penny

Billy as Godfry

Ferdinand as Dot

Bill and Ben as Cluded & Lolly

Troublesome Trucks as Clowns

The Evil Diesels as Pink Elephants

Breakvan as Boy Bullys

Smudger as Smitty

Coaches as The Circus Guards

Hank as Joe

Other Engines as Other Animals

Mighty Mac as Rollo and Bollo

Boco as Narrator

Den as Mr Bear

Harvey as Lion

Murdoch as Police

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Skarloey The Little Red Engine's Adventures of Percy 2

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