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Version 1

  • Thomas as Himself
  • Percy as Himself
  • Gordon as Himself
  • James as Himself
  • Toby as Himself
  • Henry as Himself
  • Diesel 10 as Himself
  • Bertie as Himself
  • Splatter as Himself
  • Dodge as Himself
  • Annie and Clarabel as Themselves
  • Harold as Himself
  • Lady as Herself
  • Duck as Mr. Conductor
  • Oliver as Mr. C Junior
  • Rosie as Lilly
  • Edward as Burnett Stone
  • Stepney as Patch
  • Emily as Stacy Jones
  • Donald/Douglas as Billy
  • Molly as Lilly's Mom

Verison 2 (made by DonaldandDouglas910) (DO NOT DELETE!)

  • Thomas as Thomas
  • Percy as Percy
  • Edward as Gordon
  • Oliver as James
  • Duck as Toby
  • Murdoch as Henry
  • Diesel 10 as Diesel 10
  • Spencer as Bertie
  • Arry as Splatter
  • Bert as Dodge
  • Donald and Douglas as Annie/Clarabel
  • Jeremy as Harold
  • Rosie as Lady
  • Adult Simba from (The Lion King) as Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin)
  • Luigi from (Super Mario Bros.) as Junior
  • Amy from (Sonic X) as Lilly
  • Boco as Burnett Stone
  • Yoshi from (Super Mario Bros.) as Patch
  • James from (Thomas and Friends) as Billy Twofeathers
  • Dulcy from (Sonic SatAM) as Stacy Jones
  • Beethoven the Dog from (Beethoven) as Mutt
  • Ten Cents from (TUGS) as PT Boomer
  • Emily from (Thomas and Friends) as Lilly's Mom
  • Mario from (Super Mario Bros.) as the Railway Announcer

Version 3 (made by EriJBrown)

  • Thomas as Himself
  • Arthur as Henry
  • Boco as Gordon
  • James as Himself
  • Emily as Percy
  • Duke as Toby
  • Molly as Lady
  • Gordon as Diesel 10
  • Den as Dodge 
  • Dart as Splatter
  • Bertie as Himself
  • Harold as Himself 
  • Annie and Clarabel as Themselfs
  • Mr Conductor as Himself
  • Junior as Himself 
  • Stacey as Herself
  • Jeff from the Wiggles as Billy 
  • Wallace from Wallace and Gromit as Burnet Stone
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur from the Wiggles as Lillys Mum
  • Pingu from Pingu as Patch
  • Jeanette Miller from Alvin and the Chipmunks as Lilly
  • Gromit from Wallace and Gromit as Mutt
  • Victor from Wallace and Gromit as P.T Boomer

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