• Thomas as Vini Vidi Victory
  • Percy as Hometown Huck
  • James as Face-Off-Phil
  • Emily as Wasabi
  • Gordon as Mr. Extremo
  • Edward as Danny Kaboom
  • Henry as Perrie Pamplemousse
  • Arthur as Knockout Ninja
  • Mavis as Miss Fitwell
  • Murdoch as Gogachog
  • Bertie as Weredog
  • Hank as Big Star
  • Bill/Ben as Fly Guy
  • Molly as Mahi Mahi Mindy
  • Nevile as Milty the Clown
  • Boco as Captain Esplane
  • Duck as Dorsal Flynn
  • Stepney as Gary the Intern
  • Toby as Gill
  • Oliver as James Montgomery Flag
  • Smudger as Ouch
  • Rosie as Pei Pei the Purple Panda
  • Toad as The Stash
  • Donald/Douglas as Tom Cat
  • Harvey as Unit 19G
  • Jack as Lucky O' Leary
  • Stanley as Cleat Cunningham
  • Diesel as Senator Skull
  • Diesel 10 as The Big Time
  • Daisy as Itsy Bitsy
  • Arry as N Fuego
  • Bert as Evil Ira
  • Derek as Good Evil Ira
  • Spencer as Bucks Gazilion
  • Bulgy as Captain Carpal
  • Scruffey as Flashback
  • Hector as Scoutmaster Scott
  • Troublesome Trucks as Other Sinistras
  • Duncan as Sir Serpent
  • D261 as Sick Vick
  • Sir Handel as Big Bad Billy Goatetsky
  • Old Stuck Up as The Cheetah
  • Fergus as Pinky
  • Sir Topham Hat as Dick Thompson
  • Thomas's Driver as Cononel Cossack

TUGS/Thumb Wrestling Federation

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