Version 1

  • Thomas as Tommy
  • Emily as Tallulah
  • Percy as Pufferty (Both Trains)
  • Billy as Hopparoo
  • Murdoch as McCoggins
  • Mavis as Madame Au Lait
  • James as Battersby
  • Lady as Chikidee
  • Molly as Lopsiloo
  • Stanley as Tooteroo
  • Bill, Ben and Flora as the Spring Chicks

Version 2 (Made by Trainboy43)

  • Percy as Tommy (Both small and both have five letters in one name)
  • Rosie as Tallulah (Both cute and both wear pink)
  • Casey Junior (from Disney's The Reluctant Dragon/Dumbo/Konk's New Grove/Casey Junior & Friends) as Pufferty (Both Trains)
  • Billy as Hopparoo (Both silly and both have Buck Teeth)
  • Thomas as McCoggins (I was hoping Thomas would be McCoggins)
  • Daisy as Madame Au Lait (Madame Au Lait's Voice Suits Daisy)
  • James as Battersby (Both Vain)
  • Emily as Chikidee (Both nice)
  • Mavis as Lopsiloo
  • Freddie as Tooteroo
  • Skarloey, Rheneas and Sir Handel as The Spring Chicks
  • Elizabeth as The Spring Chicks' Mother
  • Fergus as Larry The Bug
  • The Clocks as Themselves
  • The Special Clock as Itself
  • Bertie as McCoggins' Motorcycle
  • Terrence as McCoggins' Stickety Machine

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