Version 1 (By TheCartmanMovie/SonicCartman21)

  • Thomas as Sonic (both blue, fast, and stars)
  • Percy as Tails (both friends)
  • Skarloey as Monkey (both small)
  • James as Jet (Both begin with J and Both vain, plus they show off)
  • Henry as Shadow
  • Rosie as Panda
  • Take Along Thomas as Metal Sonic (both metal)

Version 2 (By ThomasandFriends7/ToyBonnieFan92)

  • Gordon as Sonic (I know sonic is a star)
  • Thomas as Tails (Both begin with a T)
  • Sir Handel as Monkey (Both Arrogant)
  • James as Jet (Both Begin with a J)
  • Murdoch as Shadow
  • Rosie as Panda
  • Take Along Gordon as metal sonic (both made of Metal)
  • Edward as Sonics Dad

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