Casts aren't always the same but mostly like Gordon as Tom and Thomas as Jerry.

  • Tom - Gordon/James/Diesel/Thomas/Edward/Percy/Johnny Cuba (from TUGS)/Diesel 10/Donald/Douglas/Toby/Salty/Himself/Old Stuck Up
  • Jerry - Thomas/Percy/James/Lady/Duck/Toad/Henry/Little Gordon/Coast Guard (from TUGS)/Grampus (from TUGS)/Harmood/Andrew/Arthur/Diesel/Diesel 10/D261/Tails (from Sonic)/Himself/Flora/Mavis/Skarloey/Little Ditcher (from TUGS)/Sally (from Sonic)/Cream (from Sonic)/Charmy Bee (from Sonic)/Master Tubby Bear (from Noddy's Toyland Adventures)/Bill/Ben/Oliver/Bear/Old Stuck Up/Douglas/Donald/Bill/Ben
  • Spike - Bertie/Gordon/Thomas/Sir Handel

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