• Rosie as Lara Croft
  • Percy as Winston The Butler
  • Diesel as Larson
  • Duck as Zip
  • Henry as Kurtis Trent
  • Edward as Werner Voncroy
  • Gordon as Pierre
  • James as Alister
  • Diesel 10 as Horus
  • Emily as Jaqueline Natla
  • Donald as Marco Bartoli
  • Douglas as Tony
  • The Fat Controller as Toru Nishimura
  • Bertie as Anaya
  • Duncan as Shogo Takamoto
  • BoCo as James W. Rutland Jr
  • Daisy as Sophia Leigh
  • Annie as Ameila Croft
  • Clarabel as Amanda Evert
  • Oliver as Dr Willard
  • Toad The BreakVan as Bartoil's Henchman
  • Salty as Brother Chang Barkhang

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2.Thomas/Tomb Raider 2:Dagger Of Xian

3.Thomas/Tomb Raider 3:Adventures of Lara Croft

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