Thomas/Topsy and Tim is Parody with Thomas picture and Topsy and Tim sound


Version 1

  • Percy as Tim
  • Molly as Topsy
  • James as Jordan Rooke
  • Mavis as Emily Rooke
  • Thomas as Dale Brown
  • and More

Version 2

  • Madge as Topsy
  • Gordon as Tim - Twin Son of
  • Percio as Thomas Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Uncle
  • Thomas as Jordan Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Daddy
  • Emily as Emily Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Mummy
  • James as Dale Brown
  • Olivia the Blue Engine as Courtney Brown
  • Mavis as Alice Rooke - Topsy and Tim's Granny
  • Toby as Jamie Greenwood - Topsy and Tim's Grandad
  • Tillie as Topsy and Tim's Grandmother
  • Ten Cents as Topsy and Tim's Grandfather
  • Mr., Mrs., Miss. and Junior Conductor as the Narrators

Clip Used

  • Thomas and Friends - (C) Thomas Ltd.
  • Audio: (C) Bevanfield Films from HTV for ITV and VCI

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