Version 1 (made by ThomasandRusty)

Buzz (Thomas the Tank Engine's Theme)

Twitch (Edward the Blue Engine's Theme)

Hamm (Henry the Green Engine's Theme)

and more


Buzz Lightyear the Space Ranger is the main character and good friends with Woody and RC Car.

Twitch the Green Figure is the old action figure who lives at Sunnyside.

Hamm the Piggybank is the fat pig and good friends with Twitch and Mr Potato Head.

Mr Potato Head the Spud is the fastest and strongest and pulls the eggs.

Rex the Dinosaur is the vain green dinosaur and close friends with Twitch and Mr Potato Head.

Woody the Cowboy is the tall cowboy and best friends with Buzz.

Bullseye the Horse is the oldest horse in America and lives on his own.

Andy the Boy is a western boy and good friends with Wheezy.

Slinky the Springy Dog is a springy dog and scottish.

Wheezy the Penguin is a squeezy sick penguin.

Jessie the Cowgirl is the main female character and good friends with Buzz and Trixie

Pete the Prospector is a devious prospector and causes trouble.

Bo Peep the Sheep Owner is a friendly sheep owner and good friends with the goodies and baddies.

Stretch the Octopus used to be rude, lazy and stubborn. She is good friends with Buzz.

Sparks the Robot is a sensible robot with a sense of humour.

RC Car the Car is a car and races with Buzz.

Big Grey the Guy is in charge of all the toys in America.

Jack in Box the Box is a bluebell toy.

Lotso the Bear is an evil bear with a nasty cane.

Crane with Legs is a grumpy crane with legs.

The Claw is a grumpy claw with wheels.

Ken is a cocky toy.

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