Thomas/Toy Story Parodies - Featuring Thomas and Stanley are parodies with Toy Story sounds and Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends clips.


  • Thomas as Woody
  • Stanley as Buzz Lightyear
  • Gordon as Hamm
  • James as Mr. Potato Head
  • Henry as Rex
  • Edward as Slinky
  • Sonic (from Sonic) as Andy
  • Cream (from Sonic) as Molly
  • Amy (from Sonic) as Andy's Mom
  • Mavis as Bo Peep
  • Bertie as R.C.
  • Hector as Sarge
  • Freight Cars as The Troops
  • Diesel as Sid
  • Rosie as Hannah
  • Stepney as Wheezy
  • Daisy as Mrs. Potato Head
  • Emily as Jessie
  • Spencer as Prospector
  • Toby as Bullseye
  • Diesel 10 as Evil Emperor Zurg
  • 98462 (from the RWS) as Al
  • Scruffey as Skud
  • Gremlin as Buster
  • Hank as Rocky Gibraltar
  • Murdoch as Ken
  • Molly as Barbie
  • Bulgy as Lotso
  • Donald/Douglas as Mr. Pricklepants
  • Troublesome Trucks as Mutant Toys
  • Oliver as Lenny
  • Toad as Mr. Spell
  • Duck as Etch
  • Whiff as Mike
  • Charlie as Big Baby
  • Victor as Robot
  • Kevin as Snake
  • BoCo as Mr. Shark
  • Bill, Ben and Billy as The Aliens
  • Top Hat (from TUGS) Chatter Telephone
  • CGI Stanley as Utility Belt Buzz Lightyear

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