Gordon as The Train

Henry as Train

Spencer as Daylight Train

Murdoch as Flying Scotsman

Edward as Green Arrow

Thomas as Diesel Engines

Diesel as Diesel Engine

George as Engine

Duck as The Engine

Edward as Engine The

James as Diesel

Bulgy as Engines

Belle as Sp Diesel

Donald as Engineer

Freight Cars as The Trains

Troublesame Trucks as Trains

Douglas as Santa Diesel Train

Hector as Halloween Trains

Sodor Airport Planes as Coaches

Bill as Truck Train

Ben as Car Train

Diesel 10 as Underground Train

Sir Handel as Mallard

Peter Sam as Iron Duke

Skarloey as Duchess of Hamilton

Rheneas as Boxhill

Salty as City of Truro

Duncan as Rocket

Harvey as Japanese Train

Diesel 11 as TGV Train

Diesel 199 as Black Five

Bertram as The Diesel Train

Duke as The Train Diesel

The Diesel as Amark Diesel

Jack as Ice Diesel

Kelly as The Diesels

Nelson as Diesels The

Ned as Diesels

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