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Thomas/Trumtonshire is a Parody With Chigley Trumpton And Camberwick Green Sounds And TTTE & F clips


Camberwick Green

  • Thomas as Windy Miller
  • Harvey as Mr Crockett
  • Murdoch as Dr Mopp
  • Spencer as Captain Snort
  • James as Mickey Murphy
  • Emily as Mrs Murphy
  • Bill/Ben as Paddy Murphy
  • Molly as Marry Murphy
  • Fergus as Roger Varley
  • Edward as Farmer Jonathan Bell
  • Harold as Mr Dagenham
  • The PC (From Thomas in Trouble) as PC McGarry
  • Mallard as Sargent Major Grout
  • Wilfred as Amitage
  • Culdee as Feberde
  • Lord Harry as Piggins
  • Alaric as Hopwood
  • Splatter as Lumley
  • Dodge as Meek
  • Elizabeth as Mrs Honeyman
  • Daisy as Mrs Dingle
  • BoCo as Peter the Postman
  • Salty as Mr Carraway
  • Toby as Mr Thomas Tip


  • The Fat Controller as The Mayor of Trumpton
  • Mr Pervial as Captain F
  • C

Other Characters

  • Billy as D
  • C
  • Flying Soctman as Bessie
  • City of T
  • S C Ruffey as
  • Victoria as
  • Annie Clarabel and Henritta as M
  • Pip/Emma as Molly
  • M
  • Old Stuck Up as U
  • Buster as Sam Tyler
  • Patrick as Gen Hunt
  • Hector as
  • Diesel 10 as Old Nicky Ridley the Village Idiot

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