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  • The TUGS Characters as Thomas and His Friends
  • Top Hat as James
  • Grampus as Duck
  • Fire Tug as Boco
  • Coast Guard as Trevor
  • Sonic Characters as TUGS Characters
  • Edward as Postman Pat
  • Percy as Pingu
  • Thomas as Fireman Sam
  • Douglas as Dilys Price
  • Daisy as Penny Morris
  • Henry, Molly, James and Mavis as Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa
  • Jack, Duck, Spencer and Dennis as Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny
  • Kelly as Mr. Garrison
  • Bryon as Chef
  • Isobella as Wendy Testaburger
  • Lady as Bebe Stevens
  • Elizabeth as Ms. Ellen
  • Marge as Jackie
  • Lisa as Inez
  • Homer as Matt
  • Emily as Noddy
  • Toby as Big Ears
  • Rosie as Tessie Bear
  • Gordon as Mr. Plod
  • Flora as Dinah Doll
  • Diesel as Gobbo

Voice Cast:

  • Michael Angelis - Top Hat, Grampus, Fire Tug and Coast Guard
  • Patrick Allen - King Acorn
  • Simon Nash - Sonic
  • Nigel Anthony - Knuckles and Shadow
  • Timothy Bateson - Uncle Chuck
  • John Baddeley - Antoine and Grounder
  • Sean Barrett - Rotor
  • Shaun Prendergast - Tails and Snively
  • Chris Tulloch - Dr. Robotnik
  • Mike Mulloy - Dr. Brandon Quark, Big Mike and Scratch
  • Britt Allcroft - Princess Sally Acorn and Dulcy
  • Ken Barrie - Edward
  • Carlo Bonomi - Percy
  • John Alderton - Thomas, Douglas and Daisy
  • Dan Castellaneta - Henry
  • Julie Kavner - Molly
  • Nancy Cartwright - James
  • Yeardley Smith - Mavis
  • Trey Parker - Jack, Spencer and Kelly
  • Matt Stone - Duck and Dennis
  • Isaac Hayes - Bryon
  • Mary Kay Bergman - Isobella
  • Jennifer Howell - Lady
  • Natasha Henstridge - Elizabeth
  • Susan Sheridan - Emily, Rosie and Flora
  • Jimmy Hibbert - Toby, Gordon and Diesel


Ten Cents The Tugboat and Friends

  • Buzz Buzz

Hedgehog TUGS

  • Tails

PostTrain Edward

  • PostTrain Edward and The Tuba


  • Percy's Circus

FireTrain Thomas

  • Douglas's Forgetful Day

The Trainsons

  • Life On The Fast Lane

Sodor Park

  • Boco's Rhinoplasty

Emily's Sodor Adventures

  • Emily and Her Whistle

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