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Casts for each parody aren't almost always the same, but most likely are Thomas as Sawtooth, Percy as Private Meekly, and Sir Topham Hatt as The Announcer. Here's a list of examples.


  • Peter Perfect - Edward/Thomas/Gordon/Henry/Mallard/The Foreign Engine/Flying Scotsman/Green Arrow/City of Truro/Jinty/Rheneas/Hank/Hiro/Salty/Arthur/Murdoch/Victor/Rusty/Fearless Freddie/Duke/Sir Handel
  • Rufus Ruffcut - Gordon/Duncan/Mallard/The Foreign Engine/Flying Scotsman/Green Arrow/City of Truro/Hank/Murdoch/Hiro/Sir Handel/Duke/Bertram/Fearless Freddie
  • Sawtooth - Thomas/Percy/Duck/Stephenson's Rocket/Boxhill/City of Truro/Green Arrow/Skarloey/Stepney/Arthur/Victor
  • Private Meekly - Percy/Duck/Boxhill/Royal Clauds/Duchess of Hamilton/Peter Sam/Harold/Charlie/Bill/Ben/Billy/Rheneas/Rusty
  • Sargeant Blast - BoCo/Murdoch/Gordon/Old Stuck Up/Hank/Spencer/Flying Scotsman/Green Arrow
  • Clyde - Duke/Henry/Gordon/Edward/Toby/Boco/Iron Duke/City of Truro/Green Arrow/Flying Scotsman
  • Rug Bug Benny - Skarloey/Thomas/Stephenson's Rocket/Boxhill/City of Truro
  • Willy - Rheneas/Edward/Duck/Percy/Boxhill/Duchess of Hamilton
  • Danny - Sir Handel/Duck/Gordon/James/Henry/Edward/Mallard/Flying Scotsman/Green Arrow/City of Truro
  • Ring-a-Ding - Peter Sam/Percy/James/Gordon/Henry/Flying Scotsman/Green Arrow/City of Truro
  • Kurby - Rusty/Toby/Duck/Edward/Duchess of Hamilton/Green Arrow
  • Mac - Duncan/Gordon/James/Mallard
  • Professor Pat Pending - Toby/Edward/Flying Scotsman/Green Arrow/City of Truro/Iron Duke/Rusty/Salty/Harvey/Derek/Boco/Duke/Fearless Freddie
  • Penelope Pitstop - Emily/Rosie/Lady/Molly/Victoria/Helena/Annie/Clarabel/Henrietta/Duchess of Hamliton
  • Rock Slag - Bill/Ben/Bash/Dash/Donald/Douglas/Mighty/Mac
  • Gravel Slag - Ben/Bill/Dash/Bash/Douglas/Donald/Mac/Mighty
  • Big Gruesome - Donald/Douglas/Mighty/Mac/Bill/Ben/Arry/Bert/Splatter/Dodge/Den/Dart/Max/Monty/Norman/Paxton/Sidney
  • Little Gruesome - Douglas/Donald/Mac/Mighty/Ben/Bill/Bert/Arry/Dodge/Splatter/Dart/Den/Monty/Max/Paxton/Sidney/Norman
  • The Dragon - The Chinese Dragon/Derek/BoCo/Old Stuck Up
  • Red Max - James/Mallard/Bertram/Dennis/Neville/Spencer/Gordon/Duncan/Peter Sam/Sir Handel
  • Lazy Luke - Duck/Harold/Iron Duke/Sir Handel/Toby/Edward/Gordon/Henry/Fearless Freddie/Billy/Bertram/Duke/Rusty/Luke/Thomas/Rheneas
  • Blubber Bear - Henry/Flying Scotsman/Green Arrow/City of Truro/Duke/Neville/Whiff/Harvey/Dennis/Kevin/Oliver/Peter Sam/Sir Handel
  • Dick Dastardly - Diesel/Den/Dart/Max/Monty/Norman/Spamcan/D261/Diesel 10/Smudger/Lorry 2
  • Muttley - S.C.Ruffey/Arry/Bert/Dart/Den/Monty/Max/Bulgy/Paxton/Splatter/Dodge/George/Lorry 1
  • The Announcer - Sir Topham Hatt/Mr. Percival/Edward/Gordon/Bertie/Peter the Larger Seagull
  • Elmer (Luke's Cousin) - Oliver/Duck/Thomas/Ivo Hugh/City of Truro/Duchess of Hamilton
  • The Female Alligator - Mavis/Daisy/Isabella/Elizabeth/Caroline/Belle/Flora/Old Slow Coach/Madge
  • The Wargames General - Spencer/Bulgy/Max/Monty/S.C.Ruffey/Duncan/Gordon/James/Duncan/The Diesel D261
  • The Policeman - Fergus/Edward/Duck/Thomas/Gordon/BoCo/The Angry Policeman/Stephenson's Rocket/Iron Duke
  • The Sheriff - Salty/Arthur/Murdoch/Hank/Hiro/Edward/Thomas/Gordon/Iron Duke/City of Truro/Royal Clauds/Green Arrow/Flying Scotsman/Mallard
  • The Mechanic - Cranky/Gordon/James/Bertie/Spencer/Max/Monty/S.C.Ruffey/Duncan/Mallard
  • The Kodiak Bear - Hector/S.C. Ruffey/Gordon/James
  • Brenna Bubbles (If Brenna Bubbles was a real WR character) - Molly/Lady/Rosie
  • Anne and Clair (If Anne and Clair were real WR characters) - Annie and Clarabel
  • Dippy (If Dippy was a real WR character) - Smudger/Diesel/Diesel 10/D261
  • Dan and Den (if Dan and Den were real WR characters) - Mighty Mac/Donald and Douglas
  • Patricia Pending (If Patricia Pending was a real WR Character) - Henrietta/Emily/Rosie/Lady
  • Parker Perfect - Stepney/Thomas/Edward/Bertie
  • Piper Perfect - Lady/Rosie/Emily/Molly

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