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  • Thomas as Cordell Walker (Played by Chuck Norris)
  • Percy as Jimmy Trivette
  • Emily as Alexandra "Alex" Cahill-Walker
  • Toby as Captain C.D. Parker
  • Molly as Sydney "Syd" Cooke
  • BoCo as Judson Mills
  • Diesel as Donovan Riggs
  • Billy as Luca Simms
  • Rosie as Kelly Wynan
  • Lady as Rebecca Senstad
  • Edward as Trent Malloy
  • Caroline as Laurie Matson
  • Gordon as Pastor Roscoe Jones
  • Henry as Terence Pope
  • Skarloey as Charlie Brooks
  • Sir Handel as Norval Hayes
  • Hank as Hank
  • Diesel 10 as Victor LaRue
  • Spencer as Caleb Hooks (Spencer was a real villain in HOTR)
  • The Horrid Lorries as the North Koreans
  • Billy as Jeremy Hopkins

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