• Thomas and Percy as Pigs
  • Rusty Dennis Edward and Sir Handel as Sheep
  • Gordon James and Henry as Ducks
  • Daisy Emily Molly and Rosie as Cows
  • Toby BoCo Charlie Billy and Fred O Pelihay (From RWS) as Chickens
  • Henretta as The Blutter Fiy
  • Red Express Coaches as The Two Birds
  • Harold as The Dragon Fiy
  • Bill and Ben as The Rabbits
  • Spencer as Badger
  • Stepney as Hedgehog
  • Duke as Brown Rabbit
  • Bertram as Gray Rabbit
  • a Orange Coach as The Mole
  • Diesel as The Fat Pink Pig
  • The Foregin Engine (From RWS) as The Fat Orange Pig

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