The story

When a young engine forsees the collaspe of his sheds, he and 6 others journey to find a place for them to live in. Once they get there they'll have to fight deisels, Man and the savage Deisel 10.


Watership Down










Toby/Captain Broom






Peter Sam/Mallow

Sir Handel/Gllia

Cowslip's Warren








Deisel 10/Woundwort





















Sir Topham Hatt/Frith

Hector/Black Rabbit of Inle

Mr Percival/Prince Rainbow

Arthur/Rowsby Woof

Other engines/Others

Episode List

Season 1

1 The Promised Land- 7 engines set out on a search for the lonely high hills which Stephny has seen in a vision as being a place of safety. Along the way they encounter dangers such as a river and a dog. They finally reach Watership Down.

2 Home on the Down- The engines begin to settle in their new home on the down. However problems become apparent: ther is only one female and males don't build! A Deisel arrives at the down and everyone must work together. Meanwhile a mysterious visitor is looking for Gordon. It was Captain Douglas who escaped from Knapford Sheds.

3 The Easy Life- In search of Donald, the engines find out that he is in a shed not far from were they live. Gordon, Edward, Stephny and Douglas set off to find him out Boco's Shed. When they arrive it all seems to good to be true. There is plenty of food and the Sheds are enourmous. As they soon find out, the shed is a death trap

4 Duck's Life- Free from life at Boco's Shed Duck tries to settle in at Watership Down. Gordon forms an Owlsa to investigate a near by Bloodthirsty Shed named Erfrafa. Duck is scared that he will let Edward down and almost risks his life for him. Meanwhile Gordon, Percy, Henry and James encounter the Efrafans.

5 The Shadow of Efrafa- Edward, Stephney and Gordon decide to take a vist to Efrafa, after hearing reports that Efrafa wants to kill all Outsiders. Edward encounters Deisel 10 and asks him a few questions, unaware that D10 wants to kill him Edward falls for a engine there called Molly. After Stephny had a vision about Deisel 10's past they escape and male a new enemy.

6 The Raid- Having a lot on his mind, Edward travels to McColls farm with Percy and Stephny to get some hutch engines to come and join them fearing that if they don't have enough engines with them, Erfafra will wipe them out. Edward heads for a lot of trouble though envolving a man and a gun. In the end they bring back a new Female called Mavis

7 The Challenge to Efrafa- Edward, Gordon, Stephney, Henry and Rosie all set off to rescue Molly and Stamley from Efrafa. However they ge trapped under a Stone Bridge, Edward and Gordon have yet another argument and Gordon storms off forming a plan to rescue Molly and Stanley.

8 Escape from Efrafa- Gordon joins Efrafa and plans to help Molly and Stanley escape. Edward and the others are still stuck under the bridge with the Efrafan guards on top of it. They hatch a plan with Bertie and flees towards the grounds across to Efrafa to meet Gordon, where he tells them his plan to rescue Molly and Stanley. After some time they finally flee from Efrafa and happily leave D10 raging. Edward and Molly are happily together at last

9 The Vision- Molly feels a little homesick for her former home Redstone, so Edward agrees to take her back despite Stephny telling them the place is empty. On the down, Stephney has another vision: that one of their past enemies will return (the deisel they defeated last spring). Stepheny begins to feel even guiltier than usual after Henry accuses him of being bad luck (despite the fact that if Stephney had never told them about the visions they'd all be dead by now); however, Henry was just angry at Gordon for working them too hard. Meanwhile, Edward and Molly travel onward, She nearly drowning after falling into the river along the way, but Edward leaps in and rescues her. They are shocked to find that Stephney was right about Vicarstown being empty. The only one left there is Toby. So they went back to the Down to tell Stephney that his visions aren't wrong and he felt much better.

Tales of a Lady- Edward decides to take a trip to the farm with Gordon, Stepheny and Henry to find some good food for the new baby engines. Everything seems to be going well, until they encounter a dog and cat. Lady gets herself into trouble too. But she been saved by Stepheny and together they escaped with a help from Edward and others to make a hole underneath the garden fence

Lost- Wandering through the burrow, Henry discovers a strange chamber and believes he saw The Black Engine of Inlé. Concerned, Henry goes to check it out again with Edward and Stepheny; They encounter a cave-in and are trapped. but Gordon believes Edward, Stepheny and Henry have been kidnapped by Efrafa. Later, the others found out the Black Engine is just a shadow.

Friend and Enemy Certain that the Efrafans are getting closer to the warren, Hazel and his friends decide to leave false trails leading them away from the warren. But trouble lies for Captain Campion as he has an encounter with a hawk. Hazel being as caring as Campion does, He helps him into the greenhouse. but puts his own life in danger when they both meet an enemy, a snake. The two of them have never encountered before.

Kidnapped Bigwig and Hazel worry about the thought of Watership Down being wiped out and that they have no idea of Woundwort's plans. Deciding that they will try to get Campion on their side, they find him out on patrol and ask him to help. Things seem to be going well, until Pipkin falls into the river and is swept away. Hazel and others knew they had to rescue him before it's too late.

Series 2

Prisoner Of Efrafa The rabbits find out the Efrafans have captured Pipkin. Woundwort begins to treat Pipkin well, In order to find out the location of his warren and especially since Woundwort learns that Pipkin's mother was killed by a weasel (which was what happened to his own mother). Meanwhile, Hazel hatches a plan to free Pipkin with help from Campion. They manage to recruit as many of ther local animals as they can in order to make his plan work, and in the end it works better than they expected.

The Roundabout Hickory and Marigold decide it's time to leave Cowslip's warren and set off to find Hazel. He agrees to help them escape, Hawkbit and Dandelion give them lessons on how to live outside in freedom. Hickory and Marigold decide to start a new warren. Concerned, Primrose suggests that they move into Redstone. Trouble is ahead of them though when Hickory gets trapped on a roundabout. Hazel and others set off to save him along with Pipkin who help them to get across.

The Market Kehaar becomes homesick for the Big Water and decides he must go and visit it, The rabbits are tagging along too and smelling the glorious smell of carrots and lettuce. They wander inside a big farm van to nibble at the food. But suddenly the van wonders off and the rabbits find themselves at a market where Dandelion and Hawkbit get separated. They find the others and make a strange friendship with a pig that they encourage her to be free.

The Great Water Finally making it to the Big Water, The rabbits lose contact with Kehaar. They are amazed by their new surroundings, including the salty sea water. but soon realize that the sea is getting closer to them. Meanwhile, Kehaar meets up with his old friend, Katerina. but soon realizes she isn't as friendly as he thought she once was. The rabbits are helped out by the puffins after almost being taken away by the sea. After getting to the top, They set off for home.

The Stand Hickory and Marigold finally make their escape from Cowslip's warren, They bringing along some friends with them. Bigwig and his friends help Hickory set up the warren at Redstone, Unaware Cowslip has watched them and met up with Woundwort. Campion warns Hazel that Woundwort will attack Redstone at dawn. Woundwort is disappointed to find the warren empty and heads off to Cowslip's warren where he is unaware of the shining wire until Campion saves him. Campion however, is caught out by Vervain and arrested.

The Orchard The apples of the orchard are red and delicious, so Hazel and Bigwig go down to have a munch. but retreat back to the warren when they find out a badger lives there. Knowing that the orchard is off-limits, Pipkin persuades Fiver to go down with him to have a bite of the apples anyway. The badger appears, Fiver and Pipkin flee. but Fiver gets hurt after he is hit by a ladder and Pipkin leaves him. The badger drags the unconscious Fiver into its den. But Fiver soon finds out the badger is harmless and her name is Bark.

The Great Game Hazel sends Hannah to check on Campion when he doesn't receive any news from him. After a while, the mouse sneaks into Efrafa. Hannah observes Vervain trying to coerce answers out of a starved Campion; She then reports back to Hazel. Knowing Campion is still under arrest and Vervain is starving him to death, Hazel decides he must do something to help. The rabbits make a really cunning plan and manage to convince Woundwort that Vervain is a mad bunny (which isn't hard considering how insane he already is)! Woundwort tells Campion he's sorry for listening to Vervain and reappoints him as captain; Meanwhile, Vervain is relieved of his duty and treated as insane. Campion is soon up and running again. He turns down Hazel and Primrose's invitation to Watership Down once again.

Winter On Watership Down: Part 1 It's been snowing and the grass has turned white. The rabbits plan on having a big feast, But with no food, Hazel, Bigwig, Hawkbit, Dandelion, Fiver and Kehaar set off to find some. They become lost and encounter danger with a fox and ice. Bigwig falls through the ice and Hazel saves him, but Bigwig starts to suffer from the cold. They stand outside and gaze in at the humans celebrating Christmas Eve. Then Buttercup comes along and allows the rabbits to stay at her warren, right near man. Kehaar is upset that he can't find them somewhere in the snow.

Winter On Watership Down: Part 2 After finding out Buttercup and her friends live near man, Hazel's group is unconvinced that Buttercup's warren is safe. Hazel and his friends decide to flee from there during the night, but they soon find out that Buttercup's warren IS harmless and that the men that live nearby are harmless too. Buttercup lets them take as much food as they want and Kehaar leads them back home safely to Watership Down. Primrose and others are happy that they finally come home at last.

The Mysterious Visitors Hawkbit, Fiver, Pipkin and Dandelion raid the farm and to Hazel's surprise bring two other rabbits, Bluesky and Raincloud, back to the down instead of food. Both say they are messengers from Prince Rainbow. Hazel catches on straight away that it's all a scam, but he keeps it quiet. The two demanding rabbits tell Pipkin they can fly, which leads into a lot of trouble.

The Invasion After a huge storm,They surprised that sheep have come to Watership Down. For now, Hazel agrees to let them stay. But after living with them for a while, He soon finds out they aren't that friendly. Their eating habits are ruining the down and that they attract more enemies. Captain Broom explains about what a sheepdog can do to get rid of the sheep and Hazel hatches a cunning plan to get the sheep off the down. Pipkin says goodbye to a lamb named Frost who speaks.

Bigwig's Way Bigwig sets up an early morning Owsla patrol, but Hannah doesn't show up for her training. Later, she turns up with Hickory, excited that He and Marigold have got baby rabbits. However, Bigwig is annoyed at her and after an argument Hannah leaves the down. Kehaar manages to convince Hannah to come to Redstone and she agrees. On her way to Redstone, she ends up stranded up a tree and meets a young squirrel called Tassle who shows her how to get down the tree. Bigwig realizes that he's been so hard on Hannah, He knew that he had to find her to say sorry for what he had done.

The Homecoming Vervain, now a slave but escapes, manages to find the hidden back entrance to Hazel's warren and tells Woundwort, To Campion's horror. He sets off to warn Hazel and is then amazed by the beauty of Watership Down when he sees it for himself. Hazel and his friends set traps for Woundwort's arrival. It's love at first sight for Blackberry and Campion. Then the final battle and Fiver's scary vision becomes reality as Campion is crushed beneath a rock in the process of saving Woundwort. Hazel and others bid farewell to Campion in their hearts.

Series 3

The Last Battle (English-German translated title* Campion Lives) The Efrafan Owsla flees the collapsing caverns leaving only Woundwort, Vervain, Moss, and a handful of officers alive. Realizing that not even the cave-in will stop General Woundwort from trying to destroy them, Hazel, Fiver, and Bigwig make preparations to wage war on Efrafa with Pipkin recruiting all his animal friends. Fiver meanwhile senses that Campion is not dead, and indeed the Efrafan captain manages to pull himself free from the rubble of the caverns. Alive but horribly scarred. He meets the Black Rabbit of Inlé, who tells him his time has not yet come and that he has a special destiny in store for him. Meanwhile, Moss seeing that Woundwort is going mad, teams up with a doe named Heather to overthrow him, but then the Watership group attacks Efrafa in full force. The Efrafans are free from Woundwort at last.

A New World (English-German translated title* Woundwort Never Gives Up) Following the liberation (and destruction) of Efrafa, the Efrafans move into Watership Down with Moss, the highest-ranking surviving officer as their reluctant leader. Tensions are high, though, as the different rabbit cultures clash, culminating in three of the other surviving officers trying to bully Pipkin and ending up getting into a fight with Bigwig. Pipkin sulks, but when another animal tells him that the crows are waiting for someone to die, He runs off and discovers an exhausted Campion. But Campion makes him swear to keep his survival a secret. Meanwhile, Woundwort has survived and runs into two other former Efrafans in a swamp letting them sink to their deaths in a mire after they refuse to swear loyalty to him. The Black Rabbit of Inlé shows Campion this and tells him that his destiny is stop Woundwort, who "threatens the world of the living." Campion also has a horrible vision of Blackberry in danger and himself being threatened by a fierce green rabbit. Meanwhile, Moss and Heather decide to take the rest of the Efrafans to start a new warren elsewhere.

The Wanderers (English-German translated title* The Wanderer) Vervain wanders about aimlessly, getting into all sorts of trouble. Bigwig, meanwhile, continues to push his Owsla. Campion, with Pipkin's help, is also beginning to regain his strength. Vervain meets a companion, only to abandon him like he always does after a weasel attacks them. In the end, Bigwig eventually accomplishes his goals. Vervain nearly drowns after he is entangled in a barbed wire filled pond, but Fiver, Primrose, Captain Holly, Captain Broom, Hannah and Kehaar rescue him (but only after Fiver pleads with them to save the drowning rabbit). They banish him, hopefully for good. Fiver has a vision and the others realize Woundwort lives. Meanwhile, Vervain is attacked by a weasel, but Woundwort saves him. The rabbit is stunned, but says, "Master, I live to serve you."

The Nestling (English-German translated title* The Challenge) The Junior Owsla and Kehaar help an orphaned hawk named Scree survive, while at the same time trying to prove to Hazel they are responsible enough to go on solo patrol. But what they don't know is that Bigwig has been secretly watching them help the hawk, so when they actually ending up saving the hawk they have proven themselves to him. Kehaar leaves to find a mate. Woundwort and Vervain realize someones following them so they set a trap. Scree saves the trapped Campion.

The Secret of Redstone (English-German translated title* Woundwort In A Trap) Hazel and the others notice a change in Redstone. After learning that elil and man are hunting the Redstone warren, they leave only to smell Campion's trail. Believing it to be a shadow rabbit and realizing that shadow rabbits bring death, They split up but Pipkin confesses to Blackberry who runs off. He then confesses to the others. Woundwort, calling himself Wheatstalk and Vervain Chaff, begins to gain the trust of the rabbits at Redstone Warren. Blackberry finds Campion and tells him she loves him despite the scars; He tells her he cannot be with her and runs off. Woundwort and Vervain get caught by a poacher, but the poacher is caught before he can do anything and they're set free.

My Fair Gull (English-German translated title* Kehaar's Departure) Woundwort works his way towards chieftainship of Redstone. Kehaar returns with his new love, Gluck. All the rabbits are driven crazy by her. Woundwort discovers that it's Fiver who outsmarts him every time he has threatened Watership Down and decides he might have to kill the rabbit. Hickory makes Woundwort the new leader, much to Marigold's displeasure (as she is the only one who has seen through the evil buck's disguise). After an interrogation with a young rabbit, Vervain asks Hickory about the rabbit he mentioned. Hickory says Silverweed is a strange mystical rabbit, Vervain finds the information useful and passes it onto Woundwort. They decide to turn in the Redstone rabbits in exchange for Silverweed, an idea that Marigold overhears and runs away at. She is nearly caught, but fakes her death after running in front of a car. Meanwhile, Kehaar decides to leave the warren for good with his new mate Gluck.

The Dark Deal (English-German translated title* Redstone Falls) Woundwort discovers that a human construction crew plans to bulldoze Redstone, so he and Vervain travel to the Warren of the Shining Wire. There, he tells Cowslip he will show him Redstone destroyed if Cowslip will give him his seer, Silverweed. Meanwhile, Hickory and Flax talk of revolt against "Wheatstalk" while Marigold races to Watership Down to warn Hazel and the others of Woundwort's return and they all race back, saving the warren. The wandering Campion stumbles across a new warren, Darkhaven, populated by savage rabbits who await the prophesied return of "the Dark One", and becomes their chief after he defeats their strongest warrior, Granite, winning the respect of a tough doe named Spartina.

Darkhaven (English-German translated title* Magic) Woundwort, Vervain and Silverweed arrive at Darkhaven, just in time to meet up with Campion. At the same time, Hannah goes off to meet up with the hedgewizard in order to learn magic so she can help her friends. Woundwort and Campion agree to join forces once more, while Vervain doubts that Campion can be trusted. Silverweed tries to look into Campion's heart, but he cannot because of the Black Rabbit of Inlé's curse. Woundwort feels empathy for the scarred up rabbit and accepts him, despite Vervain's displeasure. Blackberry and Primrose head towards Darkhaven. Hazel leads the others and manages to rescue Primrose, but Blackberry is captured.

The Eyes of Silverweed (English-German translated title* An Unfair Due) Silverweed traps Fiver in a twisted dreamworld illusion, allowing him to invade Fiver's mind and see through his eyes to learn the location of Watership Down for his master Woundwort. Fiver manages to fight off Silverweed's hold, but not before Silverweed deduces that Watership Down is "in the high hills, near a lone beech tree." Hazel realizes how dangerous Silverweed is, so he and the others journey to Darkhaven with the intent of kidnapping him. Meanwhile, Campion and Blackberry have the same idea, whilst Granite becomes Woundwort's new second-in-command when he challenges Vervain to single combat. Vervain forfeits rather than face the stronger Granite and then gets it back by cheating. Fiver gets inside Silverweed's head and the mystic decides to go with Hazel to Watership Down. Silverweed happily to be free at last.

The Spy (Same in both languages*) Bigwig uses Silverweed's influence to turn Hawkbit and Dandelion's original ideas against them when they attempt to slack off. Spartina is sent by Woundwort to befriend Hazel and the others and act as a spy for him. She fakes injury in order to be taken in by them. However, Silverweed soon learns of her real objective. Spartina tells Granite that if she does not return to Darkhaven by the next full moon, Granite is to kill Blackberry. Blackberry is chased by Granite, but the male gets injured and the doe helps him. Vervain has her punished for showing mercy. Spartina is enraptured with Watership Down, She doesn't know what to do after having seen it with her own two eyes and she fell in love with Bigwig.

The Betrayal (English-German translated title* Campion's Betrayal) Spartina soon gets found out by the other Watership Down rabbits and she confesses everything, even admitting putting Blackberry in danger. Silverweed allows Bigwig to see into Spartina's heart, but the male is frightened by her feelings for him and runs off. Granite attempts to help Campion and Blackberry escape out of gratitude. Silverweed sees a vision involving Hannah's future, but refuses to admit it. After finding out of Spartina's betrayal, Woundwort uses her and Blackberry to make Campion confess where Watership Down is and to lead his army into battle there. After Fiver's vision, Hazel knew the time is come to stop the enemy at once.

The Beginning of The End (English-German translated title* Hannah's Big Achievement) The Watership Down rabbits prepare for the last battle with Woundwort, once again gathering their animal friends to aid them and setting up traps around the warren. Scree takes Kehaar's place as the sky watch while Blackberry, Spartina and Campion plan their escape from Woundwort.

The Magic (English-German translated title* The Last Battle) It's time to end the war once and for all. Both sides collide and there can be only one winner. After the first attack, both sides are injured and weakened, but they must keep fighting. Hazel tells them he'll stay and fight while the others escape to a new warren, but the warren refuses to leave their leader. Bigwig also goes one on one with Woundwort and Hannah plans to use 'the magic' to finally be rid of Woundwort forever, but Silverweed knows that a high price must be made to use it. So he plans to use it, instead of Hannah. Watership Down is saved at last.

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