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Cast for Thomas/Wheezie parodies aren't

always the same but most are Emily as Wheezie,

Thomas as Julian, Percy as Tom, and Edward

as Fish

Wheezie- Emily/Molly/Rosie/Annie/Clarabelle/Mavis/Daisy

Julian - Thomas/Percy/James/Edward/Skarloey/Bill/Ben

Tom- Percy/Thomas/Oliver/Bertie/Stepney/James/Billy/Duck

Block One- Donald/Douglas/Bill/Ben/Bash/Dash/Arry/Bert/Splatter/Dodge

Block Two- Bill/Ben/Annie/Clarabelle/Skarloey/Tallynn/Rheneas/Dolgoch

Fish- Gordon/James/Edward/Henry/Spencer/Rusty/Fergus

Thumper- Skarloey/Percy/Oliver/James/Edward/Henry

Dopey- Percy/Bill/Ben/Oliver/Peter Sam/Stepney

Alley - Henry/James/Edward/Rusty/Bertie/Percy

Arthur- Arthur/Stanley/Charlie/Dennis/Fergus/Murdoch

Jerry- Diesel/Class 40/Diesel 10/Spencer/Bulgy/Duncan

Stinky- Whiff/Scruff

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