• Thomas as Piano
  • Bertie as Marimba
  • Harold as Vibraphone
  • Kelly as Steel Drums
  • Molly as Handbells
  • James as Dog Suit
  • Mavis as Cat Suit
  • Bulgy as Timpani
  • Billy as Rapper
  • Edward as Acoustic Guitar
  • Skarloey as Ukulele
  • Spencer as Electric Guitar
  • Victor as Banjo
  • Kevin as Sitar
  • Murdoch as Electric Bass
  • Duncan as Upright Bass
  • Rusty as Trumpet
  • Charlie as Galactic Horn
  • Hector as Saxophone
  • Emily as Clarinet
  • Lady as Recorder
  • Gordon as Accordion
  • Henry as Bagpipe
  • Rheneas as NES Horn
  • Caroline as Singer
  • Isobella as Tuba
  • Peter Sam as Flute
  • Madge as Harmonica
  • Percy as Violin
  • Harvey as Cello

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