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Version 1

  • Gordon - Withnail
  • Thomas - I (Marwood)
  • Percy - Barman of 'The Mother Black Cap' pub
  • James - Danny
  • Henry - Uncle Monty
  • Bulgy - Irishman
  • Daisy - Schoolgirl
  • Duck - Issac Parkin
  • Elizabeth - Mrs Parkin
  • Edward - Raymond
  • Diesel - Jake
  • The Fat Controller - Tea Shop Proprietor
  • Lady Hatt - Waitress
  • Donald - Policeman 1
  • Douglas - Policeman 2
  • Boco - Presuming Ed


Gordon (Richard E. Grant) would be a heavy drinking and out of work express engine

Thomas (Paul McGann) would be Gordon's flatmate and worried about their situation

James (Ralph Brown) would be a drug dealer

Henry (Richard Griffiths) would be an eccentric homosexual engine and Gordon's uncle

Bulgy (Daragh O'Malley) would be a mad irish double decker bus who threatens Gordon and Thomas

Daisy (Unknown) would be a rude schoolgirl

Duck (Michael Wardle) would be a farmer

Elizabeth (Una Brandon-Jones) would be Duck's mother

Edward (Noel Johnson) would be the local landlord

Diesel (Michael Elphick) would be a poacher diesel

The Fat Controller (Llewellyn Rees) would be an elderly tea shop propietor

Lady Hatt (Irene Sutcliffe) would be a waitress who tells Gordon and Thomas to leave

Donald (Robert Oates) would be a police engine who arrests Gordon

Douglas (Anthony Wise) would be Edward's colleague who screams at Gordon

Boco (Eddie Tagoe) would be a black engine whom Gordon and Thomas find squating in Tidmouth Sheds

Version 2

  • James as Withnail
  • Toby as I (Marwood)
  • Thomas as Danny
  • Gordon as Uncle Monty
  • Bulgy as Irishman
  • Daisy as Schoolgirl
  • Percy as Issac Parkin
  • Emily as Mrs Parkin
  • Henry as Raymond
  • Diesel as Jake
  • Edward as Tea Shop Proprietor
  • Molly as Waitress
  • Donald as Policeman 1
  • Douglas as Policeman 2
  • Boco as Presuming Ed

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